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Monday, August 06, 2007

Just a suggestion!

Computing Now hear this! For ages now, I've been suffering, like a lot of others, from PC Blues!
On one of my PC's, things just didn't want to run right, from not loading pages or taking an age to do so, to even being unable to scroll with the mouse, just kept blocking!
Before I got to the point of thisComputer Smash I tried reformatting ,reinstalling (keeping my old settings) and just seemed to be getting nowhere!
Since it was only happening on one of my 2 PC's, I figured that it couldn't be the Internet Provider (who is at fault for a lot of other things) but must come from a programme or setting on the particular PC in question.
Since I've been hearing horror stories from many sides, over years, and all having something to do with AOL, I concentrated on that aspect, and I think I may have found something that I certainly wasn't aware of.
Did you know that whilst using Windows, MSN automatically installs its own Browser called "MSN Explorer", whether you use it or not, right from the first moment, it's there, working away or mostly NOT working. It takes space (admittedly not an enormous amount, but all the same) and IN PARTICULAR it is installed as "log on automatically".
Unless you change this setting or take the programme off, it will be permanently trying to use your PC! I noted in particular, that often it couldn't sign in, giving a message that "either you're not online, or the system isn't working - try later"!
Well - that's what the damned thing did - OFTEN! Since it was on automatic log in, it tried every 5 minutes, blocking everything else!
Now who had installed this thing automatically rests a mystery! Obviously Windows, in association with it's partners MSN and AOL have a finger in the pie!
Anyway, I took "MSN Explorer" OFF my PC (you have to go into Control Panel > Change Windows elements > Delete MSN Explorer) and lo' and behold, I gained a few MB's, but PARTICULARLY I got myself a 2nd PC that WORKS!!!
The proof? I'm using it to do this article!With MSN Explorer working away in the background, it would have taken 2 days, now it takes 5 minutes!
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's got nothing to do with it, but it just seems damned strange - and it has saved this poor little PC a fate worse than death!Throw Computer
So - if you're suffering similar problems, and you've run all your AV's/Anti Spies etc give this a go!

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