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Sunday, January 13, 2008

So now you know ! They finally came clean ! “They” being the experts who tell us what we should or shouldn’t eat.

Actually, there was no need for an enormously long list of things to avoid, all they had to do was to make a statement along the lines of “If you like it, it’s not good for you”.

That’s what they’ve been saying for donkey’s years now, but always one thing after another. Now it’s the lot!

I ask myself what on earth people used to eat, and why those of us now living could ever be conceived, our forefather’s should all have been dead before procreation!

Now – there is a difference between eating sensibly, and eating muck, but not everything which we like can possibly be bad for us.

It’s interesting to see that McDonald’s, for years the target of everyone of the experts, actually have become more popular as the years went by, and if you read the Advertising campaigns done by this superfood chain, it all appears very plausible, and extremely well controlled from a diet point of view, from a control point of view, from the ingredient’s point of view, and (what I suspect annoys the experts the most) from a pleasure point of view!

These experts seem to be the type of people who think and say “eating shouldn’t be a pleasurable thing, it should be a functional thing!”

Well- what would the British Army, the British people, or any other race be without those delectable “bacon butties”, ham sandwiches, baked beans, hamburgers, hot dogs and other popular things?

Even in the “higher” class of the Cuisine, “le Cassoulet” (which, after all is only baked beans, with terribly fatty meat, in a tomato sauce) or “Boeuf Bourgogne” (just a beef stew in wine sauce) things are being attacked! All these classical and enjoyable dishes be replaced by other things! Red meat is DEATH!

So – go to Red Fish – but who is paying for it? The Experts?

Try a little lobster, but ask for a credit at the bank first, and don’t serve it with a rich Sauce Hollandaise (50% butter, 50% egg yolks)! Eggs and butter being something most people like, are naturally bad for us! They are also relatively economic, and maybe that’s where the Experts find their problem!

How about a simple Herring? If you’ve recently won the lotto, OK – if you can find any of that “basic, plentiful, healthy fish”.

Fish which, in general, has become a luxury item, and generally beyond the wallet of many people, is of course considered by the experts to be THE substance to eat – Even if I buy the McDonalds fish burger?

In any case, the experts (who probably didn’t even know that Tuna comes from anywhere else but out of a tin) will figure out later that the poison in the Oceans make even these things inedible! After all – it is red!

(A rare species – ask your Bank Manager first – maybe even invite him!)

As in all things, it’s easy to give great advice if you’re a millionaire, or a vegetarian! Nothing against vegetables and fruit, I eat a lot of them, but getting your teeth (or if you haven’t got any, like me, then your gums) into something solid is somehow more interesting!

Our ancestors, the cavemen, loved tearing raw meat apart with their non-cared for, Dentist alien molars – but then – they died!

Go on – defy the experts, you’ll probably die, but you’ll die happy!

Don’t forget to consume that product which the Experts don’t like at all – one used to say “It’s life!”

Then round off your meal with a chunk of Suicide:

You’ll feel happier, and maybe even, because of that, live longer!


Mr. le Marquis du Galipot (iwmpop)

For your pleasure! - Pour votre plaisir! - Fur Ihrer Unterhaltung!


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