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Monday, March 15, 2010

At your service-a page full of links useful and otherwise!

Here's a page I did a longish time ago, but it's still relatively actual and could give you some ideas!
The original page and lots of other articles on all sorts of things you can find here:

At your Service, mrlemarquis (iwmpop)

"iwmpop" - (mr.le marquis du Galipot)

About this Site

The above title pages will take you to the various articles and writings/scribblings over 5 years or so. The majority have already been published elsewhere - the point of this site is to collect them all together in one place, open to everybody.
There are many articles which I must edit and re-present, they will be published HERE in due time, although if you search, you will find them already on one of my other some form or other!
This site is for convenience value, both for me and the readers...!
Bonne Lecture..!    Happy reading....!

copyright iwmpop (mrlemarquis) 2009.



GENERAL LINKS PAGE - all links have been tested and are working as at 19 May 2009, but links can get broken, so if you notice one which doesn't work, I would appreciate the information...Good and Safe Surfing..!

This particular page is there to give you the ease of choosing..!
From the various Web Sites created and maintained by iwmpop(mr le marquis du Galipot) there are Photo Sites, Slideshows, Videos (pretty bad, but I'm improving..!),  Article Sites, Forum Sites, modest advice sites, news Sites, Humourous - Serious - sarcastic (mildly) - Life actualities - in brief a bit of everything!
Not all the sites are daily, in fact none of them are daily, but they are added to on a fairly regular basis, some much more than others.
At the bottom of this page, you can find some photo links "stations in the life of mr le marquis (iwmpop)" - these will be added to.
You can even find music to download or just listen to (on the "Multiply" link at: I'll be adding to these links too) - and the majority of photos can be downloaded for your OWN use. If you are Professional, the rights of Authorship apply - contact me on:

Main Page:

This page has links to other pages, both from or recommended by iwmpop.
It also has various photo galleries, a guestbook, and a "free to all" links page, where you can insert,
free of charge
, a link to your own Web Sites, Weblogs, or your business and so on. Abuse will result in the cancelling of the announcement and possible legal action. This Site is in English and French.

Chez mr le Marquis:
One of the two regularly updated pages, almost daily, with a bit of everything...! This site is mainly in English.

Vauvert Village:
This Site is also updated on a very regular basis. It concerns itself mainly with items of interest in France, with up to date photos of the events in a small Southern French village. This Site is mainly in French.

Not to be confused with the site:
which concerns itself with local and Departmental (30 - Languedoc) affairs.

A page which gives some ideas about the creater of all these websites and various personal articles.  Mainly in French:

News, events, photos:
Things in the manner of mr le marquis - different...! Alternatively in English and French:


Some photo Sites:      -  Webshots galleries.      -  Thousands of photos on Google Picasa (see 1st paragraph above for downloading/use of these photos)  -  German photographic site, you can find 1st class (and better!) photos, including a few from iwmpop.  - The well known, worldwide photo stocking, presenting and transferring/searching for images. This is my presentation at the moment.

Some video Sites:
My videos I readily admit, are not the greatest, but that is basically due to the equipment I'm forced to use...! (At least - that's my excuse) They are getting better, and I hope to be able to invest in better equipment in time. Any contributions (tax free) will be appreciated! - Google Video
I don't yet have many videos on this site.  -  The most looked at site for my videos. In fact you can find Power point presentations here, together with videos.   -   This isn't the same as the one above! This particular page was created for trials by mrlemarquis, in preparation for the launch of excerpts from his own "home movies"  - a project which will (hopefully) take off seriously in 2010 - As above - contributions in tax free manner are very welcome...! This will be, probably, the address to find yourself  - if you are or have been an associate or acquaintance of iwmpop or mrlemarquis in the past.   -   The video site which contains the most of my "little" videos - mainly in France and of a local nature.


Recommended Advice Sites:   - Start page, choose your language and click on it.     -   For the French (pour les Francais) or for "ex-Pats" living in France.

This block will be added to from time to time.


"Can be useful"
"Snopes" - informs you on all the Internet scams, cons, begging letters, lies etc....

"FRANGLO" - A site with WORLDWIDE Classified Adverts - Rentals, items for sale, holiday rentals - you name it - it's many countries!

"Voipbuster" is a Web based Telephone and SMS service, similar to Skype, except it is much more lightweight, often FREE, if you buy credits it's cheaper than Skype, and PARTICULARLY - It's BUG FREE - unlike Skype:

"Granny tips" - As my Doctor said , "cramps in bed? Put a lump of soap under the sheets" - it worked! On this Site there are thousands of tips from Granny's days that cost very little or nothing! All aspects of life are covered....(available in
French and German as well.)

"Wiktionnaire" - the well known Web Dictionnary which you can take part in!
Available in a multitude of languages this page is in English.

This block will be added to from time to time.


Personally known and used - with  mutual links.
The site from "Peter"!
More for people who already live or come to this area on a regular basis. You'll find all sorts, including a forum - if you need to ask a question to others.

"Expat Blog - set your own blogsite up and comminicate with other Ex-Pat bloggers worldwide:

Kontain- Your life! General Site about all aspects of life. Photography, Extreme sports and many others......

More coming..........



So many things to do, so many programmes needed! That can cost a fortune, just for a few programmes that might or might not work as you want, and that in any case you're only going to use "now and then" - No, no, no - there are many places on the Web where you can find FREE programmes, every bit as good as the expensive to buy ones! Of course, some are limited time trials, but the advantage is that if they don't work as you wish - well, throw them out, all you've wasted is your time...!
This link is VERY detailed, if you can't find it here, where can you find it........? You'll find links to other Sites offering "freebies" - Sites you probably already know about, but you'll also find many, many Sites and Programmes you didn't even know you needed.....!

AND...As if the above wasn't enough, here's something else...GIVEAWAY! The idea is that every day, for 24 hours, a programme is GIVEN AWAY - FREE - GRATIS - Gratuit - NO SCUDOS NEEDED! Yes, there are many of these free giveaways which are on a "trial" basis, but you never know!
This Website is available in many languages. Change possible on the page.
Cette Website est en plusieurs langues - changer sur la page.

(Tips, help, forums, free programmes etc....)
I never give links to sites offering programmes that cost...! Nor to Sites that I haven't tried myself! There are a couple who SELL products, particularly interesting for the American readers (postage in USA is free on "Worldstart")

File "Hippo" is only one of many sites, like "CNet" and others, but I've tried them with success and no problems...

"01 Net" - A Site with lots of free programmes of all types. This particular page is to download the best, most unobtrusive Anti-Virus programme for your PC - "AVG Free", but you can visit other pages on the site and discover many programmes usable for all sorts of purposes:
I would also suggest using occasionally a " Rootkit" scan (Google search "Free Rootkit scans")- You'll find this..for example:
(I haven't tried this one, so no guarantee!)

Windows live Care: Something FREE from Windows (well for a trial period anyway) - Yes that exists...! This only works from "Internet Explorer" as do "Microsoft Updates".
I use this programme if there is something really bad announced (like recently the "Conficker" worm). The programme is rather long to load, and you must delete any other Anti Virus programme. It is also much more obtrusive than AVG Free, but if something goes wrong, I suppose you could always sue Microsoft!

OK - folks, it's lunchtime, I'm hungry!
This page will be continued and added to in the near future and in an ongoing fashion.

Bonne Surf!      Good surfing!   Don't forget - keep the Internet clean....!


The following photos are only there as a trial, and to show how handsome "Mr le Marquis" is.........!

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