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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Security..? What's that...? Not only Facebook

Strange title. Everyone knows what "Security" means.
In the last few years, it has probably become the most "bandied about" word, some what on the basis that everyone knows how important it is - at home, on the streets, on the Internet, at work, EVERYWHERE.
And...nobody is going to put the word "Security" in question - so often it passes without "Security Control"!
But...what happens if the Security is unsecure?
I recall some years ago receiving a gift of an "Anti-Virus Security Programme" for my PC - a kind gesture from someone concerned with my Security.
How was I, or they, to know that the Security was insecure...? Do you run a Security control on your Anti Virus?
No? Me neither, but in this case, I should have!
Inside, all snug and warm - like a bug in the proverbial rug, was a "nasty" - just waiting to be woken! Well do as I did... put your crash helmet on and attack...
Yes - in my AV programme itself! It took me a long time to figure it out, then I went to a free AV programme - no more problems!
Now, I know that there are many programmes which install not only the programme, but many other little things, like "spies" - mainly publicity spies. If I want these things, I'm perfectly capable of getting them myself, and I'd just like to be informed of what is being installed - particularly on a programme purchased with good money!
I'll even accept that programmes, very useful ones, provided free of charge, contain probably things I would prefer NOT to have, but I accept that the thing has to be paid for somewhere!
ALL the well known Internet company's use these little logicials.
Google, Microsoft (even worse because you pay expensively for them), Yahoo, MSN, and all the others have them. You can't get away from them. general they are relatively harmless, and the programme is free of charge in most cases.
When you are on something like "Facebook" or any other "Social Networking" programme, they are present - with you.
Over the past few days/weeks, I've spent an awful lot of time figuring out one of those "unsecure Security" problems.
Some of you are aware of the situation, and it is not my intention to go into details, suffice to say that there are many well meaning people who try to help others in Security questions and issues, but they can't always be aware of certain things, certain flaws in their set up, often used by other people to achieve exactly the opposite to that which is aimed for, that's partly why they are called "worms"!
Happily, once they are informed, or stumble upon the facts themselves, these well meaning people can do something to change the situation, and generally do.
Unfortunately, like my AV programme, these "invaders" are cunning, using any form of trick to achieve their goals, and they are capable of changing tactics permanently.
All sounds dangerous, doesn't it! In fact, the majority of problems are discovered and are rendered harmless or simply destroyed.
Simple common sense is really all that is required, and communication between sensible, honest individuals generally more than arrange the problems.
Of course, the "invader" can, and often does, simply go elsewhere - and starts again.
We all know - "The truth will out", but sometimes it takes one hell of a long time!
Taking some care, acting normally with common sense and communicating any problems to the proper sources is really the only way to get around or solve ANY Security problem.
In every country, almost, in the World, there are Institutions whose very existence is based on being informed and resolving such problems.
I would recommend using them.
Often the simple "Administrators" of a programme, a group, a Website, a Blogspot, are more than capable and willing to assist, but don't forget that you do need some kind of proof for your fears, so - if you come across something suspicious, devote a little time and try to find out more - and always keep a record of whatever you may find.
Happy surfing and in particular - safe surfing....

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