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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Ping Pong......

Image result for Ping Pong
ping......pong....... ping.......pong......
It's becoming clearer and clearer on a daily basis, WHY the newly elected American President, Mr Donald Trump has managed - in his lifetime - to be declared Bankrupt on various occasions.
It seems that the position of a 'President' (of a company) is not to be compared to that of a Country.
A Company President tends to deal with his own Companies affairs, takes his own decisions, reaps the rewards or takes the consequences.
The President of a Country, on the other hand, has decisions to take on a variety of subjects completely different, the one from the other, and all that on a much larger scale. For this reason the President of a Country has 'advisors' in great numbers many more than the President of a Company.
Image result for Company Presidents
Bankrupt? I've heard that word before....doesn't mean a lot - Hell, Ah'm da President!
Should the President of a Company make serious mistakes, run the Company into ruin, then he can, and will, be declared Bankrupt. Often this President is also banned for a period of time or indeed for life from practicing as a Company President.
Why the self declared 'greatest power in the World' declared an often Bankrupt person as their President is questionable, and that's not what I am here to discuss.
I'm more here to discuss the facts that not all the 'Declared Bankrupts' never come back, and never make a successfull comeback as well, but - somebody has to give them the chance to do so,
In this particular case, the American people are that 'somebody'.
Cheating here, rigging there, rumours here, false facts there, lies here, truth there - it all doesn't matter.
The rules of the game are the same, and must be obeyed and held to......or changed!
If they are to be changed, then generally there are even stricter rules to be regarded and complied with.
In this case it is rather different.
In this case, not only are we dealing with one Countries own decision, but equally- how that decision can, and will, affect the whole World.
Individuals who have never heard of this Person - ever, are likely to never hear of him, but be affected by the decisions they make.
This is entitled 'Ping Pong' because that is exactly what it is.
One side hits the ball - the other hits it back......and so on, until one of them doesn't obey the rules of the game, in which case he is punished.
Image result for Politicians working hard
and - ain't that the truth......
The big difference in this case is that so long as the ball is being exchanged, nothing else is being done.
I presume the American people felt the need to have a new President, apart from respecting the rules of the game, because they wanted things to be done, in one direction or another.
A mere 14 days later things ARE being done......A ping Pong ball is going back and forwards!
Image result for Politicians working hard
What would you say?

Yes - I could go on at great length, but until this ping pong match is over, there seems to be little point.

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