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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Who'll buy me a mackerel?

It's not long ago that shopping on local market days was an enormous pleasure. Income and prices were in tune the one with the other, and life was good!
Now, the prices for foodstuffs are STILL well in touch with the income of most people, BUT all the other things have nothing to do with incomes, neither the incomes of pensioners nor those of working people.
By that I mean that Gas,Electrics,Taxes, money demanded, or simply taken, by papa state now represent the largest single factor in all of our lives.
Every day there are new tales of closures, more people at unemployment offices, more lawas made by governments to pay them less when unemployed, every day new laws, rules and stories about pensioners "non-pensions" about impossibilities of affordable Health treatment.
Every day, Governments and Nationalised or Private Companies insist they have no BRASS!
I'm sorry - some bastard/s have an awful lot somewhere. They must have. Somebody must be sitting on enormous quantities of the stuff.
I think that we are going to have to go so far as to become a Society even MORE lawless, and simply take what we need. Already there are many who do just that, most of them consider themselves to be "respectable" but "clever" - in other words, me first, me in between, me last. Sod anyone else. What? The neighbours can't afford to run their car? Great, more room for me on the road! How can I arrange it that around 50 million have to stay OFF the roads - without me having to invest anything into public transport of course. Let them walk, in between time I'll buy up all the local cobblers shops and shoe shops!
Now the USA is due to understand what is going on, GM (general motors - who already closed down to 95% in europe) are making the first cuts in the US of A - 25,000 people.
I can promise you all - it's only a little start, and it's a dangerous one, because with everything that is going to happen in the great US of A, (loss of position and power, world-wide through poorness, waste, and lack of natural resources- which WILL lead, sooner or later to an enormous war)I can assure you all that a mackerel will be the last of our problems! Except - we will all be long gone.
My immediate problem is that I'm still looking for someone to buy me a bloody mackerel - used to be cheap, then they were expensive, now they are cheap again, but everything else is too expensive! No money left in the wallet/purse for a simple mackerel.
What a sad bloody place your world has become!!
If I had my "smiley's" I would have a ball game, and probably loads of mackerels (at least - printed ones)- but not even that can this hyper-super society get right!!
I'm off to eat a canned sardine!
France, Europe. in the year of YOUR lord 2005.

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