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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A few repeats and some that never made it!

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World - The American

Apart from giving us "Virginia" tobacco, normally from North Carolina, the American has presented the World with many other items.
In fact, the character "The American" is so diverse and complicated, that it is difficult to find anything which approaches a "stereotype", so I'm not even going to try, I'll just content myself with a few generalities. These generalities should, of course, be taken with a pinch of salt, I am - after all - from the Eastern side of the "big pond" - from their point of view!
In the 1940's, a favourite quote in the United Kingdom, referring to Americans, in particular the American Soldiers stationed in the UK awaiting the invasion of Europe, was:
"Over sexed, over paid and over here!"
Nowadays, I think one could add the statement "over weight" to the list, and extend it to cover the female members of this multi-race.
From the Deep South, through Redneck country, Bible Belts, up to their "Great Lakes" from the gay liberated West Coast to the Pilgrim Father moralistic East Coast, there is really something for everyone, except for a true European!

Of course, the American, being so in love with his country spends most of his time outside of it, and a lot of his time passed at home, in his country, is spent with research on his origins, often from Europe.
Logically therefore that American institutions followed Americans to all parts of the world, after all - if you - as an Amerian - come to Europe, you can't be expected to eat suet puddings, garlic and snails, and - worst of all - Haggis!
Why should you eat these outlandish preperations anyway - you can find a "home made" thing at almost every bend in the road on the "Old Continent"......somehow nice to be able to feel at home whilst "doing" Britain in a Weekend, France in 18 hours, Italy and Spain take 48 hours (due to the Southern habits of "siesta and manjana" - so annoying to the American).
Some times it goes wrong, and they bump into "mr le Marquis" and must spend the 18 hours at table - just for one meal!
That's when the desires become irrefutable:

and insatiable....or almost!

18 hours....and not one drop of brown fizzy stuff or brown hacked up meat to be seen, not even "heakthy" mashed potatoes!
Which brings us to another difficulty - "tomatos" or tomatoes" - "potatoes or potatos" and so on!
The usage of the Queen's English is decidedly NOT a part of American habits, which can lead to some misunderstandings.

Of course, the Political system has to be adapted to fit in with this whole "misch-masch" of different National trends under the bonnet of one flag, and this often seems to be rather difficult, even for the indigenous natives, after all - from a couple of hundred million people, you've got to get the list down just to TWO! Not easy at all, and one would think, or like to think, that those two must be the finest, most upstandingly honest human beings one could EVER meet, the most educated, and the most understanding of his co-patriots problems, whilst being aware of his/her obligations towards the rest of the Planet!
So there we are....The first part has been done, because this country of World Citizens requires much more detail and time than us little minnows in out for part two, dealing with the ancient customs and traditions of this hallowed land - amongst other things........

June 2010.                       -                    Vauvert, France                                -   iwmpop (mr le Marquis)

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