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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Google and MSN together?

Strange, strange - When I'm writing about Google and Microsoft, the screen goes almost blank - leaving only the 3 little smilies at the bottom!

Anyway, what I was saying was that I thought google were giving Microsoft a helping hand to sell more recent Windows programmes. Lots of the "add-ons" offered free by Google are not usable on WIN 98 se or not. They are not even usable on XP etc, the lowest form of Windows usable is Windows 2000! Well - I'm going to run out and but it imm ediately! Wonder how long it will be before these blogspots will be payable?

At that moment, folks, mr le marquis will demise! I'm going to try and send this straight away, before someone at Google or Microsoft reads it! If you see strange little things coming up on this blogspot, it's because mr le Marquis is trying to beat some other minnows in the PC business like:

Smiley personnalisé
Smiley personnalisé
Smiley personnalisé

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