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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Alien-refugee-citizen of Europe.

The above photo is one of a German actor, Harald Junke, who played the role in a play and film having to do with "politics gone mad".
It relates to a subject which has gone suspiciously quiet in UK - that of the Identity Card.
For those who don't know the story, the down and out old soldier, having served the Kaiser for many years, returns to his home town of Berlin, finds no work, except in a tailors shop, where he must cut and sew the magnificent, and expensive, uniforms of the Prussian Officers. He is thrown out because of economical problems (yes, they had them then as well!) and finds himself in prison, because he stole food to live, and didn't have the necessary ID card! A sort of "normal" story of the period. Except.........
In prison, our hero plays the role (at recreation periods, and in the prisoner amusement periods) of a Prussian Officer, wearing the uniform of one such, made by himself. In prison, he is exceptionally happy, respected as someone who had served his country, and as someone capable of making his fellow inmates laugh, from the stage.
On being discharged, he found himself on the street, no work, no money, no respect - and still no ID card!
What he did have, however, was the duty to pay a fee, for a sort of Identity Card-right to live card. Everybody had to pay this fee, whether they had money or not! Prove who you are, pay, and we'll give you an identity card! No identity card, you don't exist! We are not bothered whether you have served Queen, country and principals. Briefly, in our theatre piece, our hero finally puts on his "made in prison" uniform, and leads a revolution in the Spandau district of Berlin, is accepted as the "great boss", only to be "outed" and put back in prison. The same could be true in this, the 21st centrury!
I don't beleive I need to put this story into perspective, nowadays.
I served my country, my Queen, the orders and ideas of the politicians of the epoch, and because of that, I was almost condemned to leave the realm. That, I don't regret, but now, almost 40 years later, whippersnappers in political life, are on the point of demanding from me, a TRUE european citizen, that I pay (should ever I wish to return to UK - an exceedingly doubtful situation) a fee, very high, for something which I have already in 3 european countries - an ID card! In each of these countries, free of charge! Now what - The passport (already far too expensive) PLUS an ID card - to make 4 ID cards, plus Passport, at a moment in time when the European Commission has stopped the necessity of having a residence permit ID Card, for ALL e.u. member state citizens.
Let's go back to the Lt. von Koepenick. Like him, if I go back to my country of birth, without a valid ID Card , but with, say, an official copy of "Certificate of Birth" in UK, maybe an old Passport, possibly no longer valid, what are they going to demand from me? Are they going to deny me entry into the country of my birth? Shall I become an "alien" who requires a further ID card to prove that I am an "official alien"?
Or must I ask the Red Cross for a refugee card?
Thank you - To the Queen, her Government, her people, for the thanks shown to an old ex-soldier and paid killer.

Of course, I could always make the situation simpler, for me, by demanding my pension from UK, or demanding my rights to so-called social security, British fashion, but I think that action could be embarrassing to all concerned, particularly the GREAT british institutions!

Personally, I respect the pride and sense of duty of the false "Lt. von Koepenick" than the blethers of modern day politicians.
All I can hope is that those who know me, will bring me some booze,food and other stuff, to make my stay in the "prison camps for undesirables in UK" or "prison camps for UK citizens who can't pay the fees" more agreeable!!
My pride is and stays in being someone who has been, and still is, capable of uniting ALL european peoples as individuals, and more than that, individuals, Arab or other, who come from outside europe, suspicious/suspect because they don't speak our language! The guarantee is in my visiting card:

Maybe I'll find myself posted like the "Lt von Koepenick" one day, at all the Ports of entry to UK, as "WANTED" for his efforts to unify the people of Europe! Wouldn't, honestly, hurt me much more, and until then, I shall stay with my cat, happily united, and proud of what I accomplished, in UK and in Europe, and elsewhere!


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