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Saturday, January 14, 2006

A couple of bits and bobs to finish with!

To round off this weekend, and until an unspecified date, here's a couple of bits and bobs:
According to the news site I frequent, mainly for French news, I found a titillating little piece entitled "British Deputy Prime Minister "forgets" to pay his local tax bill". Apparantly true, I won't go to details, all I wanted to say was that I hadn't heard anything at all about this on Sky News, or on BBC World news. Too normal, I suppose!
I just saw a report on the German TV that the EU (Common Market) at Brussels have passed a little known law which should please all of you (you've ALL got big, classy cars!).Car 1
Up till now, when you went to the petrol station, the pumps were "sealed" with an official Government seal, after having been tested for their "correctness of measure". Up till now, a limit of difference between shown on the pump, and actual quantity of petrol delivered was tolerated. This limit was 0,2%. Already 0,2% more for the petrol companies.
From 1st Jan 2006, to achieve "european unification" the tolerance level must be within 0,00% and 0,08% - EVERYWHERE!
The Germans are up in arms, because their system gave a maximum of 0,01%, and now they must tolerate up to 0,08%! The petrol stations, of course, were very quick in adjusting to the maximum tolerated level!
A few figures? (according to this German report)
This increased tolerated level will cost European motorists 650,000,000euros (650million), per year.
Payed for by all motorists, and cashed in by all Petrol Companies for non-delivery of the amount of petrol demanded by their customers! Doesn't that cheer you up?Gas Pump
I just got my Electricity bill, expensive and with a NEW charge:"Contribution to the National Electricity costs - 7euros per month!" I called them, and suggested a "contribution by them to mr le Marquis ruined finances". It was refused!
The same day, I saw another report, this time on Sky News, that an increase recently made in UK, would raise the average FAMILY electrics bill to around 314GB per year.(456euros)
I looked out my bills for last year, and was astounded to see that I (all alone) had paid a sum of 656,98euros, almost a third more than a UK family! 87% of all energy in France is nuclear, and I don't give a damm, if it keeps it cheap, but it doesn't!Electric Chair
Doesn't that cheer me up?!
Another two areas of life I can classify as being run by bandits, along with the profession of Dentists!

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