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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Just a few snippets from items seen, heard or experienced over the last few days!
Had my blood take again the other day, and was reminded that there are a lot of useless people in the Health Systems as well as many good ones!!The one I had to deal with, was really far too busy gossiping to have time for this sort of thing, so whilst she was digging this needle into my arm, and fishing around for the vein, whilst carrying on the gossip, she simply threw into her conversation - "Oh - you're going to have a large bruise there later on!"
A sort of automatic self defence mechanism, she says it to all the boys, and I mean that literally - I've heard her! Things like her ought to be pushed out, and not on their ears either!*******

Was watching an older film the other evening, about the Provence region, here in France, and saw a scene in the School playground. Little girl say to little boy "Oh, OK, a little kiss, and then we can make the wedding plans!"
Used to be true, now it's court cases for the right to wear a Chastity ring or belt or whatever, mixed up with "Spicey" girlies! Times change!***********************************
I read an interesting fact in the local newspaper, then heard it on the local radio, so it must be true! In the Herault district, here in France (the largest wine producing region in Europe and the world) no less than 40% of the vineyards are now OWNED by Brits!! This explains a lot of things!*************************************************************

On a German TV station I watched a gentleman who was complaining about having to pay for the paper that wrapped up his freshly cut delicatessen sliced meats! How's that? Pay for the paper? YEP, and sometimes quite expensively too! For example, if you buy the most expensive of Italian smoked hams, then you can expect to pay around 8Euros for 100grammes. Of the 100 grammes, around 12 grammes is the weight of the paper! 12% of the price therefore! This guy had investigated, and had worked out that the average family, buying average quality/quantity, actually spent around 80Euros (circa $90US or £70UK) on the paper!
He then had the right to either eat the paper, or pay for the rubbish bin where he put it , to be emptied! He also paid a fair wack in "Green "environmental" taxes, so that the paper he'd paid, expensively, was recycled and sold back to him AGAIN! Mad-ain't it!***********************
I understand that Cadbury's is suffering from various illnesses, doubtless more sensible eating habits(!!!!). Mind you, selling wine gums like these ones to kids could account for an increase or drop in Sales, depending on the parents! (Look carefully).

On this day about a hundred years ago (or so it seems) a celebrated Mr Hancock told us all that "going to work on an egg" was the best thing to do! Apparantly he was killing us, slowly (he himself is dead a long time ago, whether from egg-poisoning or not, I don't know)-it mustn't be done any more - it ain't good for us! I recall having said elsewhere that it seems strange that the "almighty Creator" invented the worst thing imaginable for our health - just to accompany us up until our birth! Of course, all eggs like this one
are allowable! ***************************************************************************************

The Vatican has been informing us all of newly discovered (in their eyes) facts!
He said, I said or Isaiah said that all cars were associated with sin and sinful behaviour - I wonder what they meant by this electrifying new "news"***********************************************************

Well - that's it for this little group of "snippets" - have a nice weekend!

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