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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mr. le Marquis du Galipot (iwmpop)

For your pleasure! - Pour votre plaisir! - Fur Ihrer Unterhaltung!



(Banks, Banks, Banks !)

Yesterday I had a new lesson and insight into Modern day Banking.

Whilst not a few people complain that the local Bank Manager has disappeared, and that if you want any information, you are obliged to speak and understand some outlandish Indian accent (incidentally, why not ask them what the weather’s like in Calcutta next time?)

I experienced a somewhat different system – one had to try and understand those cash machines mentality!

I recall, as many others do, the day’s when Banks also dealt with Cash! If you needed loose change, then you took your fiver into the bank and asked for change!

Try that nowadays! A scowl, maybe a sarcastic laugh, but no change! They haven’t got it any more!

My problem was simple. I had to withdraw money from one account, to put into another account, so that a cheque wouldn’t bounce (one of my usual monthly juggling acts) – robbing Peter to pay Paul, but Paul just wouldn’t wait! Now I had banknotes in my grubby little hand to the value of 60euros, and I wanted to pay in 40 of those euros. Unfortunately, the machine had given me one 50 euro note and one 10 euro note, making my efforts useless!

Change! That’s the secret – ask the lady at the desk to change the 50 euro note into something smaller, just like a magician.

No chance!

We don’t have any money now, only for the machines! What you’ll have to do is withdraw the amount you need, pay it into the other account and then arrange the final account with the now changed 50 euro note!”

Confused? So was I!

I did as ordered, and reached the point where I now had to pay my 50 euro note, and a 10 euro note, back onto the account I had taken it from! Great – except the machine could not “separate” the two notes, and told me so – 4 times!

Finally, I had to do two different transactions, one for the 50 euro note, and one for the 10 euro note!

Bewildered, I mentioned to the young lady at the counter that in my time, Banks were there to change large sums into small sums. Her response?

Oh- if that’s all you wanted, I could have changed you that – from my handbag!”

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