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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics on the Great Wall.

It still appears to be that "missionary" thing!
Seems that Western powers, and in particular "Christian" based countries (be they in the north or south hemisphere) just cannot help themselves.
If something ain't Christian, then it has to be converted or "missionarized"!
It's been like that for countless centuries, leading to millions of deaths, leading to multitudes of criminal acts, and always leading to the enrichment of the missionaries and/or their Institutes.
Normal families wrenched out of normal situations and forced to change - "for their own good!"
Well - they've always been the most revolting show of arrogance and egoism - small people who would otherwise have had no importance or interest to anyone.
China - is it Christian...? No....? Well - ok, in that case it's fair game. Africa..? God made it for us, didn't he, so what are all those blacks doing there...and are they Christian..etc..etc..!
News channels, newspapers and all the rest can attack openly, without fear of reprisals from the general public or the law!
No understanding of the fact that in other lands other things happen.
Would the tragic killing of someone (an American) in BeiJing (Peking) ever have made- not only the National- but also the International news if there hadn't just happened to be an Olympic Games going on..?
Noticeable too that the vast majority of publications sort out ONLY that which gives a negative aspect, not only of the City BeiJing, but of China as a whole. I beleive, for example, that the sale of counterfeit fakes (of all types- handbags, watches, tickets, even money) is more likely to happen in London or New York than in China, at any given moment, but it is sufficiently negative to be reportable.
It's something the Western World can understand (and we don't understand a great deal of the Asiatique world).
It's all the fault of those "commies" - and why the hell don't they speak English?
(Did San Francisco suddenly go all Chinese in the past - or will London suddenly become an Asian chat point...? Did all those "Bronx" Taxi Drivers of New York suddenly start "chitchat in Mandarin", and will the London Cabbies abandon the traditional Cockney for Taiwanese....?)
Things which happen in EVERY country on a daily basis, hundreds of times, are suddenly projected to the front page, on the rough basis:
"Hey honey - it's those lousy Communists again..!"
Well, I think you're all roughly on what could be called "a slow boat to China", and before you know it, China and Asia will have "overtaken" and "taken" you "over".
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