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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blog..? Why Blog..?

Why "Blog"? I'm often asked the question, and often by people who have invested a lot of money into so called "Web Sites" with "host" companies - payable monthly or quarterly or even annually.
I have one as well - that's what you see when you go to:
OK - I do all the work myself, and I only pay around 5$US per month, but to be honest, I find the system more of a liability than a help.
From the beginning on, I found that there seemed to be a sort of "snob" value attached to these host programmers, it was considered "common" - or not serious - only to have a Blogspot, and not a "true Website".
Well, I thought so at the time, and now I am certain - the FREE service "Blogger @ Google"
is actually not only much better, but much more professional than many "fly by night" host servers. A lot of them do actually "fly by night", and gone is your money, your work and your Site...!
On top of that, the correct name for a "Blog" is actually "Blog Site" - and with all the services provided - free of charge, they are considerably better. It is doubtful that Google will fold!
That said, of course you have to have a little knowledge of PC working, using a PC and the Programmes, as well as a creative mind - just to create and manage your Sites.
Which brings me back to the original title of this article.
Why Blog, or why even create a Website..?
Well - for myself, it all started quite some time ago, in 2003, when I became the proud owner of my first PC, and all the problems that went with it!
Of course, I wasn't equipped (and I'm still not - still using the same machines..!) to the ultimate, not even XP was available, these were still the days of WIN98SE!
All the same, I went for it - Blog, blog and blog again.
The thing was - I had realised that I needed to study this phenomenon "PC" and try to learn about it.
OK - I had a very knowledgeable and understanding young neighbour, but I couldn't keep bothering him on a daily basis!
To learn, you need to have a goal. Blogging was one of my goals, amongst many other things. Through Blogging, I learnt about Forums - where I learnt even more about PC's.
It is amazing, but there are thousands of well meaning and helpful people out there - very knowledgeable on all subjects, and all just waiting to help - and they do.
So - there was the first reason for Blogging!
Once you're into it, Google don't let you any time off! They are always pulling up new features, ideas and you can never stop!
You are informed all the time, and hence the second reason for Blogging - help and inform others in the same way you were yourself! Why be greedy and keep it all for yourself..?
I'm often amused by photos and cartoons shown on the Internet, so there was number 3 reason - amuse yourself and others with little things!
Number 4 reason is simple - I'm still finding out (because my Sites are in various languages) all the possibilities of a PC. for accents, dictionaries, grammatical problems, spelling checks in other languages, and although mistakes are made, still, I like to think they are much fewer.
I also improve and learn my languages by using them - which is important.
You see - he who works little makes few mistakes, he who works a lot makes more, but can correct them!
That's a start for the subject, and I'll probably come back to it in the future.
Until then - enjoy my Sites - I try to make sure there is "something for everyone....!"

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