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Monday, October 26, 2009

Telecom and other sharks..

This is an article I've wanted to write for a long time, and it only scratches the surface of a cesspool. This is the first of probably many on the same or very similar subjects, all concerning the all powerful "telecom" companies and their sub-divisions, world wide -  if they let me keep my Internet connexion.......!
(iwmpop - mr le marquis)


We all know this word.
Synonymous with all sorts of things, good - bad - indifferent, but what does it mean in reality...?
Well - here are a couple of links just to inform you of the basic idea - make money at ANY price....!
The word itself could be interpretated as "Tele" (by distance) "coms" (communications), therefore ""communications by distance".
This fits, particularly when it's them contacting you to start up with them, or demanding that you pay something or other you've never had, seen or even ever heard of!
It doesn't fit if it's you trying to contact them because they've done something wrong, or they've over charged, or their thing doesn't work or a multitude of other reasons!
At that moment in time, communication fails, by distance or otherwise....!
That's why I add the possible translation "Telecons"!
It seems that wherever you are in the World, your problems with these people are the same, and are going to stay the same!
 It's actually worse than any Mafia because - although they have organised and developed a unified system of product and product sales, they have also developed a unified strategy of "non-response" in the cases where they are wrong, simply on the basis that if they make it expensive enough and time consuming enough for the client to get any where then the majority of clients will just give up, and that's what happens!
They swap and change around with great regularity, here in France, for example, a Company called "Neuf", 
of whom I was a client, finally gave up the ghost, because they were useless to the point of literally "not usable", and finally - after some months of "Mediateur (Ombudsman)" activity, I was able to leave, this company was eventually swallowed up by another one called-
"SFR" - their mistake was to keep the name "Neuf" for their Internet Connexion and Box/modem, which put quite a number of potential clients (myself included) totally "off" the idea!
The problem with these "World" societies is that they are too big, bigger even than Governments, and they care even less about their clients than Governments do about their citizens...!
Apart from the elaborately worked out strategies between them, they are also responsable for various other little elements, in the "bug" or hoax, or just downright fraud world of "Communications". They seem to think themselves above all laws, and they often are, simply because they are faceless. Try getting someone to own up to any of these things that "happen". You can't and you won't, and you never will!
These two links give you some idea of the world wide machinations, and it's kind of logical and reasonable that the problems of users are the same world wide - these people are organised world wide - always to their own benefit!

*************These two links are in French, but you can translate them if you need to!

                           *********                **********         *********
In the next episode, read about F-Telecom and "Dialers"(frauds on automatic telephone accounts that can cost hundreds or even thousands to the client)
How many of these Companies diverse into the world of Commerce (Sale of PC's/Informatics/Televisions etc) but in the case of problems (guarantee etc) still hold to the Company world wide policy - "no contact"! 

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