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Monday, November 23, 2009

Copy of Recevoir a l improviste, Saint jacques, Quiz Kinder, Prod

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I'm not saying that you don't know how to cook, but it's nearly Christmas, and if you invite me...Well you'll need some ideas...and it gives me the chance to try out some G-mail features....! (éd)

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No. 289 - Monday, November 23, 2009 cooking /
In Focus
40 recipes to get unexpectedly

Organize a good meal in two steps, three movements, it is possible digging in this selection special last minute. 40 ideas

St. Jacques, star of the day

It's Christmas before time with this refined selection of dishes made from nuts Saint-Jacques. A real treat in perspective. Selection

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YOUR TIPS How to get a souffle properly inflated?
Get blown properly inflated can be difficult. It must of course follow the steps of the recipe, but ... Read
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Each week, a cooking term for understanding the revenue. Videler, is ... Read Go to lexicon
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Whether you dip into your coffee?
Whether the sandwiches speculoos morning or afternoon, what would you soak in your hot drink?   Testify Earliest
What is your favorite wine?
There is a wine you particularly fond. Whether white, pink or red, tell us all about how you enjoy it.   Testify 23 contributions
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Deco red passion between the vines
Lost among the vines, the Mas de So 'rhymes old stones and scarlet hues. The result is a lively world, gay and purified. 23 photos
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Can not run out of ideas for cooking pumpkin and its acolytes.
In your soups, cakes and even cookies ... 20 recipes

les meilleures recettes de la semaine BEST OF The best recipes

How not to have water at the mouth with food as appetizing? Savor the thought of the week and pull the wooden spoon! Selection
TESTIMONY tastes and tips Céline Mollard
Celine has a tiny kitchen. Verrines shrimp tarte Tatin blanks and zucchini have no secret to it. Read Its revenue

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