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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slow PC at regular intervals...?

Slow PC at regular intervals...?

Over some time I'd noticed my PC being "sluggish" at certain moments of the day. 
It finally got on my nerves so much that I decided to have a look into the guts of the thing, and I found one particularly interesting little thing - so I'm sharing it with you!
Everybody is used to a sluggish PC when the Antivirus programme is working - updating itself and so on, but the scheule for updates to your A/V is something you can set to fit in better with your habits, that means - update at a time and day when you're not actively using the PC.
But...other slugishness can't always come from the A/V - so what else is there.....?
Well, Registry problems - bugs - overloaded memory can all contribute, and some of these things you can arrange and fix yourselves, easily, quickly and free of charge!
1. UPDATES: Apart from the A/V, what other programmes have you got installed that automatically update - you may not even be aware they exist - but they do! Many programmes install, without saying so, automatic updating systems.
Google, for example has various updaters, Microsoft as well, but how can you change them?
Well - try this (I did, and my PC is a lot better since):
Go to "START" - choose "Control Panel" - select "Scheduled Tasks".
In this window, you'll see immediately if there are any other programmes that are programmed to update automatically, without you being aware of it. 
Look at each one, and if you need to keep it, then go to "Schedule" and set the frequency and time of updating - to suit YOU!
If you don't need it (I found 3 programmes that weren't even installed on my PC any more)then either use the "DISABLE/ENABLE" uncheck/check box - or, in the case of programmes that are no longer on your PC - delete the update task! 
If you don't, your PC could spend a lot of time searching to update a programme that doesn't exist any more, and that will take forever, or until you stop the task or reboot your PC!
These dossiers often get left behind when you uninstall a programme - they're empty, but present, and your PC is only following orders - YOUR ORDERS!

2. Fixing Registry errors.

Yup - messing about with the Registry isn't a good idea! That doesn't mean you can't do anything! I recommend using the following programme:  (Don't be afraid to use it, I've used it for years!)
Very easy to use it allows you to clear PC space, take off programmes you don't need, stop programmes you don't need immediately from starting every time you load Windows (if you need them later, go to "START" - "All Programmes" - and launch the programme you want to use! This allows Windows to start quicker). It also allows you to delete latest restore points (except the latest one) which saves an enormous amount of hard disk space. 
This "CCleaner" programme also allows you to FIX REGISTRY ISSUES - easily! If you're not sure, then don't fix a problem, but it's not normally dangerous)
The programme is FREE!

3. Clearing Browser "Cache".

This is also a "hidden" space stealer and "slower downer" of PC's! I use Google Chrome browser mainly, and they have a simple way of clearing the cache. Each Browser has it's own system to clear the cache so you'll have to look for yours. The first time I ever cleared the cache  (in Firefox and IE at the time) I gained an immense amount of disk space, almost 4Go's! Same thing for the "restore points" (see above). The "cache" on a Browser is used to store pages you've visited, making it quicker for the Browser to find them, but this takes up a lot of space!
Here's a photo of how "Chrome" does it:("Vider le cache" means "empty the cache" - you just have to choose what you want to eliminate - normally not "cookies", you will need them)

Not only will you save disk space, but your PC will roar away at a great speed....!

Easy really - and there are other ways of trying to save space and surf quickly, but if you're not sure, make a comment on this article and if you've asked me nicely, I'll get back to you - on your own email address (if you've left one) with any advice I may have.

Go on - surf like a Pro - at no extra charge......!

iwmpop(mrlemarquis)                                   Vauvert,France              Nov/Dec 2009


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