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Thursday, December 10, 2009

March - a personal account of 2009

March - personal account for 2009

March is, for me, a month of memories.
16 years ago my wife Kathleen, died. I use the word deliberately, instead of "passed on/away" or "left us" and so on, which are not strong enough.
Why such people are so quickly gone, so early in life is not understandable. The same goes for my sister, Ruth.
People mutter things about "the mysterious ways of God" - but they better not mutter them in my hearing.
If God exists then he seems to get an awful lot of things wrong - in his infinite wisdom...!
This is a link where you can read the whole sad story:

For around 10 years, I gave a sort of "remember Kate" reception, meal, drinks etc., to which I invited around 40-50 people, some who had known Kate, others who hadn't! It wasn't always easy, because even here in Southern France, the weather in France, in March, is "unpredictable"!
I stopped doing this annual event when I realised that people really only wanted a free do, nothing else, in the manner of the "human being monster".
When I stopped this event, and my other annual events at Easter, Summer, Spring, Christmas, the proofs of my doubts were quick in coming, and slowly, one by one, those people disappeared - out of my life. 

Such is human nature, and I don't need it....! But - March 2009 continued after the 3rd!
This March was particularly difficult as I've already said, in view of the events up to then, so I "hung-in" and made a first tentative bid to contact the local "Social Services Authorities" - something I have never had dealings with in my life, but the time seemed to be right, with thoughts about what happens when I get the big reaper visit, do I finally get eaten by the cat, or will it all have to wait until the obnoxious smells of decay (both me and the cat) make themselves unsupportable?
Surely, this is one of the "negative" points of trying to opt out of what is called "Society", but - at the end of the day, I personally wouldn't be so concerned if I didn't have the responsabilities of that little ball of fur called Granite! My death shouldn't mean hers as well, so - what can be done......? On top of which, people (real experts) tell me that I have a right to assistance with certain "utility" bills, which are really becoming a problem, not only for me but for most normal earning people. Well - let's see what those rights actually are, after all - I fulfill my "duties" so why not accept my "rights"?

The 3rd being the anniversary of my wife's death, the 7th found me thinking again of her- particularly, becausethe 7th March (I understand to be the "Ides of March") is her birthday anniversary. Everything bundled into 2 months or so, which can be considered a good thing, but isn't!
March continued with mail from one of the "Social Services" - request refused, I apparantly earn 17euros too much a month.......! I suggested making a donation of the 17 euros to something or other, in order to qualify for services amounting to a couple of hundred euros monthly, but:
(neither was I!)
My second rendez-vous, locally, turned out to be a damp squid as well, the female in question turned out to be "not the person responsable"!
Never mind, it had only taken 2 months to get and wait for this rendez-vous and this information!
Mind you - she did contact the person TRULY responsable, and I felt a little victorious when I finally got a rendez-vous with her in a few days time!
Yes- I know it myself - A functionnaire's life is not an easy one.....!
My life went on - more or less normally, battling on one hand with the utility companies and on the other with the Social Services...!
Banks, of course, are useless! Not only being made up of a band of thieves, they are already up to their pretty little necks with so called "bad" credits, so aren't lending anything any more!
My own "Personal Credit" which had finally been paid back with all their monstrous charges and without the slightest incident of missed payments etc., was most certainly NOT a "bad credit" for the Bank. Over 60 months, they had regularly creamed off a maximum.
When asked for a new personal credit, some months after the termination of the old one, I was surprised to hear "Request Refused"!
No changes at all in my incomes which had been acceptable 6 years ago - no changes at all in my outgoings either....The only evident change was that I was 6 years older!
Since a refusal of personal credit on the grounds of age, sex, race, religion, sexual-bias and other things are discriminatory and penalised by law, I suggested a spell for my Bankers behind bars would be a good thing, and in view of the latest scandals worldwide in their chosen profession, very JUST!
Imagine - they didn't bat an eyebrow by invoking the "current world wide situation regarding credits" - no longer a word about my advanced age!
As if my paltry request for 6,000euros would spring the Bank! 
After all they were "over indebted to the tune of billions!
So - the next rendez-vous came up with the Social Services!
(they had a birthday as well!)
A lady with a decidedly negative approach to my requirements, but who said she would try to pass the request through in a positive light, in view of the circumstances!
So - that was that - for March - at least on that subject!
Suspended - in the legal language - until the ??????

On the 27th March, a ray of hope appeared - my pension from Berlin, due normally on the last day of the month, turned up early on my bank account, so before the bankers could get their filthy fingers on it, I got out and did my necessary shopping! At least I now won't die of hunger, and neither will the cat.....!

iwmpop(mrlemarquis)    ********    Vauvert,France   *******  Décembre 2009



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