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Saturday, December 19, 2009

October-November - A personal Account...

October-November - A personal Account of 2009

October - traditional month of searching for lost banknotes amongst the fallen leaves! At least, that's what I tell the poor fellows who employ themselves with the job.
They know that once all is clean, they can come back tomorrow - and start again!
They tell me they burn the leaves, but they seem a bit green to me! On the burning side, my October was marked with a FIRE AT HOME....!
Well - only a little one, it's true, but a fire all the same!
My 9 month old Satellite TV Digital decoder suddenly sprouted small flames! Rapidly I turned it off, but of course, the damage was done!
Not very pleased, because it was only 9 months old, I assumed there would be no problem - it's under guarantee - isn't it....!
I need this thing, because it gives me access to 6 or 700 TV Channels and even more Radios, the lot mainly German, but Spanish, Portugese, a couple of English and a whole bunch of "something elses"!
Bought by Internet, I was about to make my first experiences with what happens, if anything, when you need help!
The Site of purchase did - NOTHING! 
"TopAchat" no longer figure in my list of "possible" purchases!
Firstly they told me to send the thing back with a "return number" well marked, all the paper work - and wait!
I did so at the price of 12euros 15cts, and for a while heard nothing! Then I got a piece of paper from the French Post, saying the parcel had been delivered!
A day later, I got the parcel back, opened, badly reclosed, all the paper work taken out - no word of explanation - and the decoder in the same state as before!
I won't go into the whole story, it's readable on this Weblogsite (see "Archives") but finally, I got a sympathetic manufacturer "METRONICS" who repaired the thing and sent it back - in working order within 6 days! My requirements from "Top Achat" were totally ignored, and the legal situation against them is - ongoing!
At least I've got my decoder - let's hope it will work, like theold one for many, many years - or at least till after Christmas!
October is also, of course, my birthday month, I won't tell you the date - you might think that was "begging", but this year was one more closer to the big 70's!
To celebrate it, I went to my favourite, local vampire and gave him some more blood! That guy is thirsty!
This "free" Birthday treat was the preview to my November treats - the tour of Doctors, Chemists and anything else they could think up for me!
Arteresklorose, Arthritis, Diabete controlled, Cardiovasculaire controlled, by gum - it's all very sticky!
How come I'm still alive - and why - and do I really want to be....?
Well - I am, so let's get on with it - as well as possible!
Just to round off the happy month of November, the piggy flue popped up!
Already vaccinated against the "normal" seasonal Flu some weeks ago, I was now ripe for the "special" Miss Piggy one!
On the basis that it could only go wrong once, I decided to lance a stone against myths etc., and I presented myself for "needle pricking" on the FRIDAY 13th November 2009!
I was the very first in the whole area, and now (at the date of writing) I'm still alive!
 (You been done yet....?)

Together with a few jobs around the appartment, installing new cookers (the old one hadn't worked for years) new washing machines (I was fed up with my socks walking away on their own) storage cupboards (aquired from the house owner who wanted to throw them away and found a dump - me!) a director's chair to be comfortable in front of the PC and with a few looks of despair at my Bank Account, I marched towards the end of November!
Occasionally, I think what life could have looked like now, if those events in March 1993 had not occurred. It's easy for those who haven't (yet) passed through such times to crow and sit back on their double Pensions, criticising others who "hadn't planned for the future" - BUT......their turn will come!
Of course, the final "event" in November is the arrival of the "Beaujolais Nouveau" - 3rd Thursday in November, and I've been a fan since the start - way back in the 60's!
This year was no different!
The first Sunday in Advent was passed with candles, good food, and.....Beaujolais Nouveau! (Not to forget Madame Granite de l'oasis!)

Who said it:
"Life's good - in spite of life....."

And I'm captured.......!

Now then - If my complicated calculations are correct, I've just got DECEMBER to do, and that's it - folks!
Well - Decembre ain't finished yet, but I'll try and "forecast" it before the end - always a dangerous thing to do, but come back later and:



Until then - keep looking in, and have a nice build up to your favourite time of the year

I.W. Mitchell
(iwmpop) Mr le marquis.      -       30600 Vauvert, France        -        Décembre 2009            

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