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Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Because of more and more "comments" being made on my Weblogsites consisting purely and simply of "SPAM" or publicity messages, I thought a little warning was called for!
SPAM is the bane of our lives on the Internet, so the first thing to do is to try and arrange your mailbox so that as little as possible arrives at all!
There are filters and other tools available free of charge on the Web, sometimes good - sometimes bad. The "g-mail" system is such that most SPAM goes automatically into the SPAM folder, ready for simple deleting, but sometimes the criterion used by Google are so strict that the occasional GENUINE message gets put there as well!
Small price to pay, I suppose, but it does mean that you have to run, visually, down the incoming SPAM to make sure no mails you want are to be found! Doesn't take long, but it's necessary!
Other operators have other systems for incoming mail, and you'll just have to look and see what system is used on yours. If necessary - change your main e-mail account!
There are other programmes to pick out SPAM messages, free of charge, where you can stipulate the terms upon which a message is either deleted immediately - or goes to a special folder. You can search for them with Google or MSN or Yahoo or whatever search engine you prefer.
The points to be remembered about SPAM are the following.

1. NEVER, ever - OPEN a link found on a SPAM message, without having checked as best you can the origin. Most Anti Virus programmes are capable of checking a link for you, BEFORE you open it!
2. NEVER, ever - pay anything demanded in a SPAM message. Serious advertisers don't ask for money before sending information.
3. NEVER, ever - give ANY details of your private life or your professional life, or your financial details - no CB numbers, and most certainly not your PIN number in reply to any SPAM message. You'll regret it - bitterly!
4. Use your common sense - and the defense weapons offered on the Web. Strange looking messages from your Bank, or from particularly attacked sites like "PAYPAL" or other Credit sites could very well come from other sources! Check with your anti-virus, check with the Company itself, before giving any details. Serious Banks, Credit, Payment sites NEVER ask for your personal details on line - NEVER!
In Mozilla and Chrome, you can signal any webpage as "doubtful" and get a report about it. This takes time, so the best thing is probably direct contact with the organism concerned!
5. Do not take part in any of those "forward this email to as many of your friends as possible" chain mails. They are almost all nothing other than collection points for e-mail adresses later sold as lists to third parties - who send the SPAM....! If you want to share something you receive, either open your own Site and publish it on the Site, or make a seperate copy WITHOUT the hundreds of email adresses being shown on the original, and send the copy to your friends. That way you're not involving your friends in scams, hoaxes and other nasties!
Remember - neith BILL GATES, MSN, MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, The Bank of England etc... are offering really to GIVE you money - not 1$ nor a million either!

Blogger doesn't allow "filtering" - apart from the normal "anti robot" check system, where you have to type in a series of lettres/figures/numbers before your comment can be accepted.

FINALLY - the Weblogsites (Blogs) and other sites of mr le marquis entreprises do not have anything to sell, so there is no spam from their source.
The only advertising on ALL these sites are those coming from and selected by GOOGLE - and of course those placed in the visitors books which are controlled regularly.
The only other source of SPAM on my sites are those in the COMMENTS sections, which I could delete, but I feel they may serve a purpose BUT:
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED........!  Neither Google nor mr le marquis entreprises will accept responsability for any damage caused to you or your system by answering any SPAM or other publicity shown on the pages.

Decembre 2009.                          -                Vauvert, France.

Happy Christmas!


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