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Monday, January 25, 2010


Linux is there! Arrived, and with it - problems!
Just like the early Windows days, I think I'm giving it credit  for being much more intelligence than it actually has!
First thing I noticed is that it isn't called Linux amongst the initiated, it's called "SLED"!
Yes- I also know "SLED" as a derivative in some form or other of "SLEDGE" as  a means of moving over snow, and it's not far away from this definition - very slippery and slidy,
Maybe (almost certainly) it's me - once I get more practice in, it MAY just be OK!
Of course, it didn't (and still doesn't) help that the people I bought the machine from are, as usual, twisters!
They don't tell you that you're starting off with a thing called SLED 10 - SP1 which dates back some 5 or 6 years!
It's almost like getting a good deal on a new PC from Windows, and finding out that it's running on WIN 98!
All the possible updates are there - they are paid for (in SLED, or Linux, the are all free anyway) BUT - you still have to be aware of that, and then you have to figure out HOW to update the whole thing, and then you have to spend hours - no, days - doing the updates.
At the moment, I've figured out that the update process has taken me (in some 4 days) from what was delivered to hundreds (370 in all) of other updates.
Amongst all these updates was one which told me that there would be no further support or updates to "SP1" and I should update to "SP2" when the update is available!
Well, of course the update to "SP2" had already been available for some years, and finally the thing told me to click on "YES" - if I wanted to update to SP2 when possible!
I clicked YES, the thing closed, and opened up again almost immediately, with the updates necessary to "SP2".....!
That's where I am right now! The "Software Uploader" is burning hot, is preparing, installing and generally making me hold my breath.....! I suppose it's very similar to Microsoft Updates - you never know if it'll work, and from WIN 95 or WIN 98 to the current day Windows Version 7, took a long time as well - in particular an awful lot of money! Just imagine if you had to do all those updates, and updates within the updates to Windows - plus the waiting for delivery of all the different systems, each one accompanied by your Bank cheque to pay for the pleasure. (At least the last stage doesn't apply with SLED!
God, I think the PC would be there where it belongs - OUT of the window!

Another thing I immediately noticed on Linux or SLED, was the fact that Anti-Virus programmes are not needed, which is great, but only if you can use the system, and I'm not there - yet!

This article is coming via the PC using Linux SLED, but using my trusted and tested Google Documents programme! If it works, all is not lost, and for the many years it's going to take me to figure this lot out, I've at least got familiar Google ground!

This is obviously an "ongoing history" but don't hold your breath!

I'll try to keep you up to date - now and then, but I'm a proud guy, and I'm not going to ADVERTISE how stupid I am.........!

Vauvert,France                                                                                                        January 2010

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