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Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend, fin semaine, whatever....!

Weekend, fin semaine, whatever....!
And thank goodness! Maybe a little time to try and settle down after all the upheavals of the last two weeks!
  All that is behind me now, and on looking back, I feel honoured to have been the subject of occasional "attacks" - little, well-timed and well-proportioned "bites" on the back of my leg - when the service at breakfast time was a little slow, for example, which tended to make me jump almost out of my skin...
I reflected just the other day that if ever I were to take another beast on as my responsability (which I'm not going to!) I would be making the same mistake as the time I tried to replace my deceased wife.
How on earth can you try to replace things like that...?
When you've had 25 years of living with the most exceptional woman, in both terms as a person, and as a wife, it's not possible.
Same thing with the beast, When you've had so long with the most intelligent and amazing of creatures, replacing it is not possible either!
It's simple, really. When you've had the best, you can't replace it, and you shouldn't try either, because you'll only be disappointed, and possibly even unfair towards the replacement factor!
I suppose I could always take up something like this,but frankly, with my luck, the little "friendly" bites would change and come probably from "piranhas" - and I do need all my fingers, otherwise typing would become a problem for example "hit" may become "shit" with absent members!
Apart from which, it's difficult to develope some kind of affinity with a beast that talks "bllbblllbbb;;" - angel or not!
No - I think my days of "master" are over, and just as well too.
I suppose I must use this weekend to rewrite my shopping lists, taking off all those items now unusable, like 20 tins of "tuna fish in it's own juice" - "special mixtures of little tasty morcels of game in sauce" or "roast chicken in gravy for cats" and all the other things that owners of beasts spend money and a large amount of time choosing in the Supermarkets from the enormous selection available.
Personally, I never really beleived that animals were particularly fond of any meat or fish in particular, apart from the occasional little serving of whipped cream, sugar and vanilla flavoured - of course - until I met Granite de l'oasis!
Chocolate chip ice cream also found favour - but not too much of it - it took too long to melt sufficiently to be lickable! On the other hand, a day without a couple of servings of tuna fish in it's juice was unthinkable, and although people thought I was nuts, I had my own canny Scottish reasoning!
One tin of tuna cost 0,60 cents and lasted around 3 days.  One tin of whatever cat food cost 0,80cents, lasted 2 days, if it was ever eaten(!)- so, can you see my reasoning......? It also made all the other beasts stand around jealously watching.......!

Well - I suppose I'll go and do my new list, it will look rather empty, but maybe I'll be able to invest in the lotto with the money I save.
They tell me that this weekend I COULD win around 112,000,000euros.
Well - let me tell you this.
According to my "spam" box just of today, I've already won more than that - all I need to do is claim it!
But I won't - don't want to appear greedy...........

Have a nice weekend!

iwmpop (mr le marquis)                                              12 February 2010                       Vauvert,France.

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