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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

France...Europe ....and politicians...

Council of Europe's definition of EuropeImage via Wikipedia
I live in France which is in Europe, and I've had some misgivings for quite some time about various things that are happening.
The above link is just one of a whole series of events where I feel that errors have been made, and are still being made.
Without even considering any question of "financial assistance" from outside (as is suggested in this link) I recall (to myself) that Mr Sarkozy, with the typical Gallic flair, was the first - and the only - European "leader" to announce that both he, and his country, recognised what were up till then called "rebels" as the correct and authorised rulers, or Governmental Authorities, of The State of Lybia.
At this moment, it would appear that those "Authorities" are losing the battle, rightly or wrongly.
Laura Bush welcomes President Nicolas Sarkozy ...Image via Wikipedia
So....where does this leave President Sarkozy, the French Government, and eventually the French people....later indeed the European Union and the European Citizen - indeed the World Citizen?
Well - it leaves us widely open to consequences.
Should Colonel Ghadafi remain in power, rightly or wrongly, then those consequences will undoubtedly take the form of some kind of attempted reprisal against France, probably in the form of an action concerning their/our oil and petroleum reliability.
Now - since Europe tends to purchase such products centrally, it may be that France - it's people and it's President may be capable of "hiding" behind the curtain of "European purchases".
The question is - for how long.
This simple lack of "diplomacy" is just the latest in a long list of examples of European and World Politicians showing that they are of the "new generation" which seems simply to mean - No experience, no diplomacy, no idea, and absolutely no acceptance of history and the lessons it can teach.
It all seemed to start brightly with a thing called "New Labour" and a young - inexperienced man called Tony Blair.
People were inspired by what seemed to be a total "change of the Guard" - a complete generation change...
Romano Prodi (second from the right) at the He...Image via Wikipedia...Unfortunately for a generation that had no experience and no wish to reflect on all those past occasions in History which could have supplied answers much more applicable.
Mistakes - both in diplomacy and simple politeness and even "adding up" - were made on a permanent and daily basis, covered by the euphory of "change".........
Nobody asked "what would Lloyd George have done" or Abe Lincoln, or Winston Churchill - what was done in similar, comparable situations going way back into history by other, more competent "Politicians"....
No - decisions were taken and carried through that bypassed Parliaments, laws and simple logic, simple decency was ignored....."We are the new generation"......was and still is the motto.
Even worse nowadays, because it's all getting younger and younger, less experienced and less experienced - whilst the problems of the World are getting more and more in volume and in complexity.
Well - I'm old enough to say - "Thank you and bye bye" - I doubt that the "New line Politicians" are......
Nero is said to have fiddled whilst just a city was burning....He had nothing on our politicians of the new age....They're fiddling whilst a planet burns....

Best of luck!

Tourist time againImage by iwmpop via Flickr
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