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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Power Game

Football, otherwise known as "footie", or more generally "Soccer", also known as "the great game",  has been going for a long time and so has its biggest problem - the Power Game.
The regal game has fallen foul, like many other Society aspects nowadays, of that thing called MONEY, the unceasing search for more and more and more of the stuff, and the machinations of people to get it.
One, indeed the most important of these people, you can see above. Mr Sepp Blatter has never played Soccer in earnest.

By birth, Swiss, which frankly - for me - already makes him suspicious, he has been the "Grey Eminence" in the great game for a very long time, going back to before 1975, and almost ALL of the time has been under various clouds of suspicion as a perusal of the link above will show you.
It is rare indeed, that "Wikipaedia" shows little than "grey zones" and ridiculises the person in question, but hardly a hair (of which, like myself Mr Blatter has very little) is left untouched!
Just a couple of examples......
ANGOLA, LUANDA - JANUARY 29, FIFA President Jo...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

"In the early 1970s, Blatter was elected president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders, an organisation which tried to stop women replacing suspender belts with pantyhose."  (Decidedly a quality meriting his position as Chief of the greatest sports body in the World)...
"Sepp Blatter's 1998 election to the presidency of FIFA over UEFA President Lennart Johansson occurred amidst much controversy. His 2002 candidacy has been marked with rumours of financial irregularities and backroom dealings, culminating with direct accusations of bribery, by a third party, made in the British press by Farra Ado, vice-president of the Confederation of African Football and president of the Somali Football Federation, who claimed to have been offered $100,000 to vote for Blatter in 1998."
And, in the article, there is an awful lot more. In brief, this person is a despot, has outlived a position he should never have obtained, and must go. He will fight this with everything he has, and I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if he has been using his well over a quarter of a century "occupation" to gather "filth" or "dirt" about any possible challengers, rather in the style of Himmler, Chef of the Nazi SS.
Blatter's outlook is very similar - find out, keep updated and use - everything you can which is dis-favourable to any possible opponents, and when he goes, I have no doubt that some surprises will be in store for lovers of the great sport.
He has "seen off" many opponents during his period, people eminently better qualified than himself, both in Organisation and knowledge of the game, and unless finally stopped will continue to do so.
One of those he successfully "ousted" and finally actually made so sick of the situation that he left International Soccer scenes totally, was the German player, trainer, director, national team Trainer, World Cup winner as a player and as a Trainer, Organizer of countless official campaigns to obtain World or European Tournaments for Germany, a gentleman called "Kaiser" Franz Beckenbauer..... who had the honour of lifting high many and varied cups and trophies - something which Mr Blatter never has been able to do!  Mixed with his natural talent as a player, his natural talents for organisation and his elegant appearance and attitude, and his natural taste for success, he was an extremely dangerous presence for Mr Blatter - so - he disappeared, ostensibly to tour the World promoting Soccer and the FIFA. My suspicions are that he learned and saw too much - didn't like it- and went!
More "acceptable" was the next aspiring candidate, who was installed as "UEFA" Chairman, where he could start learning Mr Bletter's "tricks of the trade". To date, he seems to have kept a level head and a relatively clean character. 
Michael Platini, the French answer to Franz Beckenbauer!

Whether he will go the same way as "Kaiser Franz" remains to be seen.....  For the moment, he seems to be a willing and able "opponent", not too ambitious, and young enough to be able to wait.
A large breakthrough has been made elsewhere in life, President
Obama showing "yes - we can" and becoming the first BLACK, USA President.
Why shouldn't that happen within FIFA....? - because Mr Blatter doesn't wish it to happen, that's why!
Mr Blatter in all cases, should disappear from the scene, preferably in a dignified manner, but despots' rarely do so.
"FIFA Ethics Committee" - what does that mean....? 
A bunch of already rotten to the core, older, males are supposed to render judgement on themselves....
Do YOU think that will work? My suggestion is that they read the small print.........
In a mad, mad world where young men (and lately women) earn horrendous amounts as sports people and "models of life" how much do you think the Administrators of this immense fortune cream off just for turning pages of papers on their desks.....?

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