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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bankers,Lawyers,Brokers,Dentist and many more are all in there...

 I suppose this little place is where my so-called "assets" are in hiding....!
It really wouldn't be so bad if it was, although it doesn't look terribly secure to me, but I would just like to be informed of the fact!
Having to deal with different systems of banking, in different countries and currencies world wide, I can assure you that ONE thing is always the same, no matter what currency and no matter what isn't the client who is going to be enriched or content with the "service" it with this Institution who is nominally responsible for verifying the validity of a cheque,

.......or this one, which is supposed to authorise the payment of the same

but doesn't,  or takes so long that you could almost get the impression they think you're going to forget.......or this one.....
 which is supposed to inform me that a payment has arrived- finally- onto my Account but doesn't!
Starting with the first one, I never wished to have anything to do with them, apart from having a so-called "Electronique Transfer" made, easy enough - from Scotland to France.
A solicitor who informs me that his Bank is unable to do this because my bank details are not "recognised" - I'll just have to accept a Bank cheque....and take the risk of currency market fluctuations.
Not - in my eyes a very helpful nor sympathetic suggestion to a client, but the only one offered!

"Not recognised".....?

If this is really the case, then this has far reaching consequences because that brings yet another Bank into play.....this one......which is my old "Bank" - which I was so glad to be able to get out of, because of their simple incompetence and extremely high charges - incivility and aggressive sales pitch - unless you were over 60.....then it was selling things to the client to enable him to "take care of your funeral costs and the Grandchildren"!

Now...if the solicitor is correct, then this last "Banque" has been publishing so called "IBAN" (International Bank authorisation Numbers) which are unusable because "unrecognisable" by other Banks.
I have no idea of the amount of money generated by these International Electronic transfers, daily - but I can imagine it runs into the millions, probably into the 100's of millions.
If any of that money is blocked - somewhere in the heavily loaded in favour of the Banks systems - then they are earning BIG, BIG money.
Now - it's all these Banks and Bankers who never cease to tell us all one thing.........and it certainly doesn't - but more and more I'm convinced that the only branch of the population it works for is - THE BANKS... and THE BANKERS!
It's about the only thing they DO tell us, apart from the fact that we owe them money, that they're great - and that we should respect them....
Respect...? I think I could muster up more respect for Klu Klux Klan members, or those criminals currently up before International Tribunals, charged with Bosnian and other "crimes against humanity".
These Banks and Bankers are just as guilty of such crimes, and it is a certain fact that they have driven thousand's into depression, ruin, homelessness and suicide.....

And - they demand our respect.....?

How would it be if they were to read, never mind respect the International laws about money transfers - particularly in respect of the time delays and the charges!
It's not difficult to understand...even I canunderstand it......!
(for the use of Banks, lawyers, solicitors and other uninformed)

But then - if they did that, and followed the International laws, then the funds would get to the people entitled to it - far too quickly - and cheaply - for the Banks and Bankers to profit as they wish to.
I know they would simply prefer to keep everybodies money - wouldn't we all.....but nasty lawmakers have ensured they can't do that, but they still try!
In my case, one Institution that takes the endorsed cheque to "present" it for accrediting, actually works so quickly that 14 days (yes - 2 weeks) later they finally decide to send me a letter informing me that this will involve charges, and risks to take a long time - at least a month...... should they carry on....?
How ridiculous can things get...I'm glad Doctors, surgeons and nurses don't work in the same manner - Diagnose - wait 2 weeks to tell you that if they don't operate urgently then you'll die......!
Seems only the financial wizards and many involved in legal matters accord themselves such rights....

Yes - the laws are such that the little people called "inheritors"- sometimes "investors" - are often drawn into International drug cartel and other illegal aspects, and other people - often protected by the same Financial and legal experts - who try to "money wash" do profit from such goings-on.......
Actually, I have discovered that the laws put into place to stop such illegal actions have only benefited these two sectors, legal and banking, of the whole International and National setup.
As usual, the "big boys" have long since found other and better ways of doing it, and the "little boys" now have the inconveniences and costs.
I'll say it again.....I'm not religious, but I hope all of these people are, and that they have well prepared dossiers to present - to explain their actions - when they ring at the doors of their Paradise......


Somehow I doubt that their excuses will be heard-at least I hope not!


iwmpop(mr le marquis)      -      Vauvert,France   -      Juillet 2011