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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh cool-so that's what mathematics is.....

That's probably not a very nice nor friendly photo to present, but somehow it sums up the total of a lot of things, over years.
There used to be a thing called common sense, just simple common sense, but something went wrong....
Seems that people started working on the basis that if it was common, then nobody wanted to know, and if it was sense, then they wanted to know even less. Why, they reasoned, do things simply -when you could make them so delightfully complicated.
The fact that if someone earns a million times more than somebody else then common sense states that they should pay more tax than the lesser earner, common sense could even go further, and suggest that they pay a million times more tax, and that's where the "make it more complicated" bit comes in!.....  Imagine a society where common sense permitted "bonuses" for good and successful work results, but would necessarily require penalty payments for bad and unsuccessfull work, and that is just not acceptable.
I seems that more and more, nobody says the common sense things anymore, and probably because it IS common sense - a double edged sword....It's not only "math", because it doesn't only have to do with numbers and amounts, but also has to do with human misery and error.
Because it's common sense, it is presumed that everybody is aware of it, but unfortunately, with time, very few people are aware anymore of what common sense is, or should be.
Take common sense, dress it up so nobody can see the wood from the trees, and you've got the "honourable" art of "Politicking" - complete with bonuses for good and bad.......Great huh...?
Why not bring back common sense - undressed, and figure out that there are simpler ways to do things here - ....wouldn't having a supply of candles be of primary assistance and help.....?
Can I have my bonus now please.......?It's nearly Christmas time!