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Sunday, October 09, 2011

ongoing speechlessness.....

 Seems it isn't just a question of having this stuff, money, it's more a question of what it can buy. Pensioners (and I presume, everybody else) can now buy 30% LESS with their money than they could just 8 years ago....Ongoing bleakness....every day brings some new information, generally NOT from the Politicians who are still speechless, but more from statistical offices. Maybe that's a good thing, since the Politicians rarely know what they are talking about, but statistics tell us, in hard numbers, what's going on,  and the big "0" seems to play a leading role, whether it's preceded by 85 and followed by 000,000,000 (the amount of crispy new, not yet dried Bank Notes issued just recently).
Personally, I was born into a "post-depression" Society, where Rationing still existed, a post-war mentality, where nothing was plentiful - except religion and rain!
In the few years since then, I've passed through other "recessions" - "depressions" - you name it, it's been depressed or in recession at some stage of my life!
Now they're telling me that we lived ABOVE our level - well, I somehow object to that, because I most certainly didn't - I just tried to survive!.....In fact, they always told me that being a Military Career person wasn't the best paid thing, nor the safest occupation, but financially - it was sound. There will always be wars, somewhere - Countries won't go bust....well - I'll agree with the wars thing, there are even more nowadays - inflation I suppose, but I'm not too sure about the Countries not going bust - the only question to be asked is the simplest of all - Will they tell us... and when - before or after?

That is - before or after they have saved their own skins......

Yes - still "speechlessness"

I suppose they are all too busy trying to make Bank Transfers of an urgent nature......
Of course, they could simply tell us all that we will have to take out private Pension schemes, pay most of our salaries, current Pensions and the rest into them, and watch the Bankers and Politicians disappear eventually with the profits, leaving us - generously - the losses......!

Thank you, Bankers and Politicians - the People's Friends........

Don't be frightened - tell 'em!