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Thursday, August 23, 2012

any changes.....

when you've been suffering for months and longer from something that Doctors, Specialists and God knows what else isn't able to remedy, then you tend to try anything! 
That is why people turn to all types of strange beleifs, creeds and practices,the main part of which have only one aim - to seperate you from your money - if you have any - and your friends - if you have any!
After my xx visit to the Emergency Hospital Department I finally fell into the hands of a Doctor who is a member of the 
"CHU 30" group - a largish group of mainly Doctors who wander around the Hospital and do emergency incidents outside the hospital.
After some hours of suffrance, during which numerous vertigo attacks - mixed with gallbladder seizures were to be seen by others and experienced by me, a longish conversation with the said doctor took place. This was, after all, the 8th or 10th visit im emergency. all to little or no avail.
I, and my wife  were and are, more than happy to try anything.
long talks about stress, antecedents, worry, actual life style, attitudes to "other - alternative" treatments, social aspects, psychological thoughts and a whole bundle of othe matters were touched upon.
I declared myself happy to attempt anything within reason and legal to find a solution to my problem of vertige, gallbladder (inoperable due to weak heart problems) and various other minor stress problems in life, all of ewhich had been and indeed were still being complicated by my cardiac problems (triple coronary bypass and various stents - defibrillator implanted - all of which had required adjustments to my personal and health way of living) added to which the recent addition of my Concubine/Female Companion, without whom I would undoubtedly no longer exist,  but all of which had meant or will mean changes and therefore stress.
Well, once the immediate problems can be solved i.e. When I'm able to sit or stand upright for more than 5 seconds without suffering an attack of vertigo, then I can start looking atthe psychological aspects - I have the addresses and telephones of local specialists run in groups by the local Government, but........first you've got to be able to get there!
These occasional reports are meant to give anyone else suffering from any "long term" ailment some elements of possible treatment sources, as I find and discover them.
My very first impression was that I might just be able to have some confidence in what this Doctor had said over a long period, even although I probably wouldn't ever see him again!
His arguments made sense and what was more important - at a moment of crisis suffering, his medicaments seemed to help - albeit only a little but even so!
His suggestions (accepted by me) of adding a "relaxative-calming" medicament, and a temporary sleeping pill well known under the name of Ambian, actually made me feel (when I woke up on the first day) that 
"You've been here before!"
But, I couldn't recal when, why, what for........nor the end result! So - I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens!
My main aim remains to be able to stand up, normally, To be able to walk to the WC or elsewhere - when I want think how fortunate you are when you do just that!
I'll try to keep you up to date if and when I can, if I can;t - look in the obituries, if I can - look here!
Any comments of a serious nature will be replied to... Contact can be made at:

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