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Saturday, September 14, 2013

What's your problem....?

 I am in the relatively fortunate position of having access to 3 systems of Computing.....the one above, and in second place  the 3rd one is recent, and I use it when travelling, because of the size 'Chromebook o/s" and the fact that it is based on all the apps from Google, mainly free, plus thousands of other apps also free. 
I understand relatively well these 3 systems, but there are always little problems that often have nothing to do with the system - like on Facebook - where these 'wizzkids' are always changing something - then taking it off again, leaving you searching in vain for what you want. It would be nice if they could just make sure whatever it is works,then LEAVE IT ALONE.....!!
Right now, I have one of these problems, with BLOGGER, the editor which allows you to write/edit/delete on your own Blogsites. Whether this is another one of those things between Windows and other systems I don't know, but I can open the editor on Linux (which I'm using right now) or on Google Chromebook, just not on Windows!  Let's face it, all 3 of these systems and the Maco/s as well can pretty well do anything they want to, as can the user - if he knows what he's doing.
Isn't it great fun when you have to go onto a site you haven't used in months/years, and it continues to refuse your password...? What the devil was my password back in 1999 anyhow....?  I'm sure they all read my mail anyhow, because (as usual) when I've published this article, I'll start getting mails suggesting I change my system/password/ - that I go onto the site to update my profile etc......strange! Eventually I'll probably be able to use Windows again for Blogger, but it is a pain - you know where...