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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hallucination stories.......or....Hospital Adventures?

 Just 4 years ago, I had the misfortune to be diagnosed as 'ripe for a byepass' then for the 'installation of a defibulater' and had to pass time (a lot of time) on the operating room theatre table!
On each occasion, after the surgical intervention, I suffered what I'm not sure to call......nightmares, hallucinations, delusions or whatever.
I have decided to try and get down onto paper some of these experiences whilst I can recall them. This link goes to an excellent article which talks about it.........
The episodes are divided as followed, roughly:
In hospital......Outside hospital.....'PC bugs'....'war of the ants' .... and others......
In Hospital:

As I recall, after my surgical bypass, I recall hearing a voice - completely normal - saying 'ok mr Mitchell, time to wake up now - it's all over.....' and at that time, I did wake up, but not for long, then I drifted back into that stupor of post-operative drowsiness and sleep.
Whether I was asleep or not, I recall that the first episode was this............... Just hazy figures standing around or wandering about.
I couldn't figure it out!
These images came back frequently over the whole period and although not particularly scary, they were 'disturbing' because of their nature...........
 When they came, I always found myself in a sort of room with the view outside, through a large window, and surrounded by people who seemed to run the whole setup.....
It looked like the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise.....or a painting from Lowry! 

 These scenes came up regularly duing my hallucinations.

From there it went to the story of some kind of 'arab uprising' in Montpellier (where I was) and the Hospital was surrounded nightly by hundreds of police, no security. All I could see was an immense crowd of Arab people who gathered outside the hospital
 agitated and irate - Why, I didn't know with a court scene depicting Western 'unacceptabilities' I couldn't understand why no forces of law and order were present!
From this court we passed to another one, this time one where a couple were being judged for keeping 'pc bugs' at home! These bugs were ill, and the owners spent all their time weeping in court, whilst the bugs slowly died like melting snowflakes till nothing was left.....I almost felt sorry for them!Image result for melting snowflakes
I simply couldn't understand it all!
I seemed to have periods awake, and take note of what was going on around me.
This led to some bad nightmares with Nurses who would attach me to the bed to 'make me stay calm'. Weak heart needed calmness they said, but not their type!Image result for bad nursesInvariably each episode ended by me having to ring the bell and somebody else would come.
2 nurses who worked permanent nights were the worst. When I saw them turn up, I knew - no sleep tonight! The worst was when they decided I needed a 'special' to calm me Image result for multi coloured medicamentsI'd never seen such a medecine....shape - colour.....all wrong - I was sure THIS was my last day/night, but I took it anyway and I woke up the next day as well!
It must be recalled that at the time I was very seriously ill and I need some time now to make a 'total recall'. There were many,many happenings - imagined or otherwise - but I need time to get some details right before continuing this ongoing story.
Until next time.......bye.
Image result for ants at war'Ants at war' was my next nightmare!
I was simply lying on my bed when certain signs started which I recognized as being the start of an 'episode'.....
Sure enough suddenly millions, literally millions, of ants appeared.
On the one side they were led by a sort of 'general'- not an ant -the other side seemed to have no leader, and I figured out that it was me who had to be responsible for 'tactics etc of warfare' for one part of the ants there were hundreds of thousands of ants on both sides, at the beginning which rapidly reduced in number.
As I found out, the 'General' of the other side was actally a whole collection of people and the whole thing was a sort of 'game' rather of a gambling nature, where people spent money to buy more ants, or foot soldiers when needed...After one particularly vicious 'battle' we found ourselves with few 'troops' and a lot of players looking in the window laughing at us!
After a large conference, we found the means to purchase some extremely 'mean' ants and turn the table!
Image result for killer antsThe laughs disappeared!
There were many 'episodes', too many, and effectively I was dead 3 or 4 times.......These things exhaust you but I suppose they prepare you in some way for your 'ultimate journey'.......
Image result for death

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