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Friday, October 14, 2016

Sad World

Politics are not my thing, but the effects often are and affect me.
Right now, leaving the American farce to one side, the thing which horrifies me most is the situation in Syria.
Image result for Syria  Understand - no, except that people and children are being bombed by somebody, be it the Syrian Government or the Russians, bombed and killed with bombs and weapons made in the USA, UK and elsewhere in Europe, fuelled by Arab country petrol and largely financed by supposed peace organisations. Instead of water and food for people there is money and food for petrol, weapons and killers!Image result for Weapons made in USA - UK
Aleppo is the perfect proof that if you build weapons you have to use them, either by selling them, or using them.
Some of these pictures recall Coventry, Berlin and other places during the '39-'45 conflict
Image result for Berlin bombed Berlin 1944/45.......
Have we learnt nothing?
When will the people of the world stand up and insist on change? No - my name is not Marx, but things exist that simply should not exist.
Politicians have their problems with stopping arms manufacturing, everywhere, job losses - including in the Arms industry - will lead to Politicians being voted out of their comfortable, well fed, well paid jobs, so - which one of them is going to do it?
In America not even the President of the 'Greatest Nation in the World' could sort out the simple problem of personal weapons and the right to carry them in his own country- I wonder why? 
Maybe the Weapons industry depends too much on such sales and on the orders made by the State itself!
This applies to ALL so called 'civilized' Western countries as well as those countries who produce and sell the products to run tanks, vehicules etc ......
Death is one thing, MURDER is another.
Image result for sunset of my life
I personally am in the sunset of my life so I do not have a lot to benefit from, but there are MILLIONS in this World who are supposed to be at the start or dawn of their life - As a race, we are abominable and very little advanced from the caveman epoch (which is probably insulting the cavemen).
Now I know this will not be read by anybody who can or could make any differences or changes, but - it makes me feel better!
The Syrian situation as all the others worldwide will continue, the boat people................ 
Image result for world crisis 2016  the immigrants ...........Image result for world crisis 2016  the hungry .........Image result for world crisis 2016  For us in the 'Western Democracies' the only 

thing that will matter is Image result for world crisis 2016

Image result for Aren't we wonderful?

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