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Friday, January 27, 2017

It's all new, but is it better?

January 2017.

 Well - 2017 has got off with a few bangs....Call them 'Trumps' or 'Brexits' or whatever, but they seem to be rocking the foundations of the Establishment!     Image result for the establishment
Always a sort of sinister thing which nobody really understood, but everybody knew was there, somewhere, doing something - normally not a bearer of good news for the normal Citizen.
This year has seen the change of this 'thing' - it has become more open, more evident.......OR - has it?
My humble person has remarked certain things about this new Establishment.....It has exposed somethings which always were the case, the double facedness of Politicians, they never say what they think, more - they give statements or answers which are open to debate, mis-interpretation or are simply straightforward untruths.Image result for lies
I have not yet heard one single statement in this year, to date, from any politician, apart from Frau Merkel of Germany, which has not been of the nature 'ambiguous'........
Trump - 'Create jobs for Americans' - yes, at the cost of others, notably the Mexicans and indiginous Indians ........'Europe can be sacrificed in favour of our 'Special Relationship' with the UK'    Image result for UK   In fact, looked at closely, everything the man says is directed towards the advantage of ..... Mr Donald Trump! I am not American so I do not have the right to mix myself into their problems. I am allowed however to state my own position - that I DO beleive they have problems and are going to have many more.
When, however, the actions of a madman, unreliable and unsafe, affect the very existence of this World, and all who live, or try to exist, in it, become so extreme, then I DO have the right to state the facts. The Americans, all of them, have given the World supplementary problems of such amplitude as to merit, eventually, appearances in front of the World Court of Human Rights - if it even existed.
Image result for UK Scotland
I am of British (Scottish) birth and origins, so I DO have the right to speak my mind on subjects concerning that place. 
Mrs May, elected (by somebody, but not the citizens) as Prime Minister of the said UK, is the same, with a touch of Diplomacy, now and then. Statements and answers so double or triple edgedImage result for Triple edged blades that I am amazed she hasn't cut her own throat already - like Mr Trump.
Leave Europe.....? Good.
I was in Europe BEFORE BRITAIN! 
I was against Britain joining, I knew they would only bring problems, and so it has turned out, but I do wonder if they are aware of the ultimate consequences of this Brexit. Already they are so confused and they haven't even started to leave!
Like the Americans, the British have given the World supplementary problems of a nature approaching criminal.
Image result for Nuclear end of the WorldCertain people speak these names in the same breath with 'Adolf Hitler' - well, we're not there yet, and I don't think we'll ever get there - Hitler did not have access to a 'World destruction button'.

It won't take a great deal more and we WILL be there!
At 70+ and not in great health, I am not too concerned, but there are people with their lives ahead of them, and - remember Mr Trump and all the others....... You can't take it all with you!

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