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Monday, February 13, 2017

Old Friends - just like bookends......

Play whilst reading......
Image result for Simon & Garfunkel - Old Friends
Now and then it's interesting.
You get an idea to try and contact people you were and maybe still are, friends with, but have lost all contact.Image result for Contact today
Well, this is where, for me the Internet and Google search is so useful.
Old e-mail adresses are sometimes updatable, or you can contact a distant relation of the person you are looking for.
Even things like Facebook are usable - through a search, and although that 'old friend' will have changed in appearance, sometimes enormously, if you have a little imagination you can still see your 'old contact' somewhere in there!Image result for Contact today
From a certain age, when you have had no contact for many years, it can be very difficult, and sometimes very sad - you must accept that the old friend - is no more.
That's what is called 'life'.Image result for Life today
All I hope is that my voice from the past and occasional contacts give as much pleasure as I get from receiving theirs.
In the same way, just walking, as I now very occasionally do, to the village, on Market days, I know I'm going to bump into someone who says something along the lines of 'Hey - hello there, long time no see, how are you?'
If they add 'you're looking good', then that bumps my morale up no end, even if I'm frantically trying to place the face and thinking - who the dickens is he/she?Image result for Who was that?
They have obviously recognized me, even if I sometimes have trouble doing so - looking in the mirror!
Of course, one is polite and returns the compliment, then you go on your way scratching your head, and still wondering who that was.......
On odd occasions, you see someone and think ' I know them from somewhere'- and you can see they are thinking the same thing, but the placement doesn't come, so you both go on your way with just a little wink!Image result for Know them from somewhere
Sometime or other, could be minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months, and you suddenly think 'Oh yes - that was ..........!'
Of course the moment has passed.
I do envy those people who seem to have total recall both of names, times, events - there aren't many of them, but they do exist.Image result for Know them from somewhere
Memory loss is not simply an age question - younger people suffer as well, and it is difficult trying to talk to someone much younger than yourself who you recall, but who obviously doesn't recall you.
At one time, when I was much more active on the Internet, I recall being stared at - often - by people I did most certainly not know!
Image result for Know them from somewhereI recall one particular occasion when a man pulled his forelock and said 'Bonjour, Mr le Duc......'!
I did not know him from Adam, but he had obviously been on this very blog - so all I could say was ' Bonjour, but actually it's Mr. le Marquis, I haven't beeen promoted yet!'Image result for iwmpop
He laughed, I laughed - the ice was broken and we both knew where we were.
Sometimes, these old contacts are - like the Simon & Garfunkel song says....'Old friends, old friends - sitting on Park Benches like bookends', and beleive me, those 'bookends' are important - nowadays more than ever, so the next time it happens to you, just smile and say something.
It doesn't cost you anything, and is unpayable anyway.......

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