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Monday, March 13, 2017

NEWS - From 13 March 2017 -ONGOING

I think I am going to abandon this ongoing post.....All the stuff that's happening is simply ridiculous.
Apart from Germany, every country seems to WANT trouble....want new elections for varying reasons, are not averse to a quick push of the button.
Well - get on with it you stupid, arrogant, ignorant swine.
Normal people have had enough of your rubbish, your lies, your thieving, your dishonesty - of you and everything about you.
'POLITICIAN' is a dead race........Image result for Politician
Image result for Politician - THIS is an insult to early mankind, just like Politicians of today are.....
So.....I've had enough - don't want anymore and have no further interest in your fumblings and mumblings.

Do any of you recall this:

You have simplified it into this:

Image result for Diplomacy
After the next war there will be nothing to talk about!

THANK YOU.........!


15th April update:

UK & Europe:
Nothing on the Brexit front or on the Scottish Independence issue. UK sites are ALL still gloom and doom, even listening to the Radio is a test of patience!
France: Voting is next Sunday (23 April) - 1st round. The first two candidates go into a direct battle the Sunday following.
The biggest danger is non-attendance - people have enough of Politics and war....!
Germany: Nothing on that front either. Mrs MERKEL is meeting with ex-President OBAMA soon, just a 'polite, friendly visit', but I can imagine that the antics of a certain clown will be spoken about. Maybe they're just going to say 'Goodbye' before the big bang!
USA: A quiet weekend playing golf and firing bombs on Syria and least the missiles were more accurate than the tee-shots! 

In all, there are no links to give you all, no news is good news?Image result for No news good news     -    or should it be.....   Image result for No news good news

In any case, it's all better than 'FALSE NEWS'......!

Image result for iwmpop   A bientôt!

6th April UPDATE:

UK & Europe: 
England has no idea anymore what it's doing, what it wants. Articles tell me that the 'house is crumbling' and England with it.
The murmurs from Europe suggest that a Scottish membership could happen very quickly.
Other UK politicians are suggesting that the EU threw a parachute to the English who just jumped out of a plane without one....Question is - will they catch it?Image result for Jump out without a parachute

Europe is continuing - awaiting more tomfoolery from England.

France -  
Voting is in some 2 weeks time....Here's a link from today:

Other News from France can be heard on the radio links.......(see top of the reception page of this Weblog)

Germany: is carrying on as normal, there are no developments there for the moment.

A certain Mr BANNON isn't happy Image result for Bannon - he's been downgraded! Imagine - this guy is now in charge of the Health Plan in the USA - that makes 2 nuts writing the thing. 
#45 has achieved zero (0) progress on all of his promises. Either stopped by the Courts or just not done.
Once again - thanks America!

EXTRA NEWS - N. Korea a great problem for every nation now, and Syria joined them .......... 


1 April (April Fools Day) UPDATE:


April Fool's Day, and they believe it! 
England (UK) hit the first problems with N. Ireland, and Gibraltar border points....Scots will be applying today for PERMISSION (!) to hold a second Independence Referendum!
Otherwise, 48 hours after sending her famous letter, Mrs Theresa May has already problems and it's 'gloom & doom' in that place......!

Does she really beleive this nonsense?   (Click this link!)                                         

And finally some people are starting to worry.....correctly! Apart from that, still NO WALL - NO JOBS - immigration ban still banned - Even Bilateral Commissions don't work......!
And this:

'As shocking as it sounds, President Trump alone has the power to launch thousands of nuclear weapons — enough to end life on Earth as we know it. He does not have to consult anyone. He does not need the consent of military commanders, his Cabinet or Congress. He can pick up the phone and within 4 minutes send nuclear missiles flying across the world.'

"Together, we can change that. Two members of Congress, Rep. Ted Lieu and Sen. Ed Markey, have proposed urgent legislation to prevent the President from starting a nuclear war. The New York Times endorsed the legislation in a major editorial, writing that it "sends a clear message to Mr. Trump that he should not be the first since World War II to use nuclear weapons."


France will be voting very soon.....The discontent of ordinary people with the political elite to deal with the effects of globalization is benefiting Marine Le Pen in the polls, says Le Monde Diplomatique's Renaud Lambert      (See Video for latest standings)

GERMANY:       (click link for Video)
Some sanity in this World.......

"German Regional Vote Strengthens Chancellor Merkel for September General Election
Despite the social democrats' recent rise in polls, their lack of common ground with the Left Party makes unseating Merkel more difficult, says Victor Grossman in Berlin"

That seems to be enough for now without starting on N. Korea - Russia - China..........................


29 March 2017 UPDATE


Most important today is the UK and Europe. The famous letter will be hand delivered from UK to EU announcing the fact that Britain wishes to leave the Community.
For me one of the biggest mistakes possible but we will know nothing about the 'deal' for at least 2 years - probably much longer! Politicians are good for one thing - talking, for very long periods. 
Maybe they are delivering it by hand because they, like me, have no faith in the UK Postal Services!
For the moment there is nothing else I can add, except Goodbye and Good Riddance.

Image result for EU
The future?
Complicated and getting more so on a daily basis.....It's getting closer and closer to the time that Mr Bannon must go - along with all the rest. Renegading on Treaties destined to improve the quality of our air DOES touch me, my wife and billions of others. It could be qualified as a crime against humanity.
Trump's impeccable sense of diplomacy is always at the forefront!

Once again his ignorance showed he is not up to date with current rules nor even knows what NATO is!

We're finally getting closer and closer, so the insults and accusations are getting worse and worse.
The most important thing is that ALL those allowed to vote go to VOTE, and not with a 'vote invalid' (vote blanche) either. That is effectively a vote for the FN (Front Nationale)
It is important not just for France, but for Europe and the World.

Germany continues it's stable path. Mme MERKEL is still way ahead in opinion polls, and hopefully will stay so.

Finally - just letters, but so important in all our lives......USA, EU, UK........

It's down to you reading this to put the world in order.


26th March update: And - apart from Germany, the world is still spinning backward, but more dangerously than ever.....!Image result for World spinning backwards

USA:  A spoilt little boy went into a tantrum because his buddies wouldn't play with him!

EUROPE:  Very few people are even thinking about UK........60 years of the European Common Market was celebrated - WITHOUT Theresa MAY, thank God!

FRANCE: Just a few days from Elections the danger now seems to be 'vote blanche' (give in a vote 'void' ) - The FN voters will not do this - so Français/Française - GO VOTE CORRECTLY!

GERMANY:   The SPD finally presents its new leader to face MERKEL -  Germans awake - Socialists are NOT required right now!
March 2017 - UPDATE.......

USA: The situation is becoming more and more complicated and time wasting....A money waster monumental.....     -    Read all the subjects here - it'll be outdated of course, but there you go - things move so fast without going anywhere!

EUROPE:   Still waiting for the British to move their butts - I'm starting to think it's a question, like USA of winning time till the next possible regular election (in around 2 years time) and then 'We'll see'!   - General themes, look for your own!

FRANCE:   -   Change the language top of the page if you wish and then look for what interests you!

GERMANY:   Just about the only place where a relative normality reigns.....Germany is not Utopia but at the moment - YES, it is!

All in all, the World IS still spinning - backwards.......!

Image result for european flags Having taken the decision to no longer follow threads online regarding this mixed up world, I still felt that I wanted to spend some time giving news on this front and saying what I felt. Image result for USA Flag
I have decided to do so by a weekly (roughly) post on this blog.
You'll know it because the title, when published will always be the same - just the date changed (see title above).
To put things in their place, the reader has to know I am Scottish born, a German Pensioner and I live in France. I am living happily with an American/Italian lady in a small village in Southern France.
I am basically against President TRUMP, Prime Minister MAY, BREXIT, any form of extreme right political parties or deeds.
I am in favour of the EU.
Ian W Mitchell & Tina Concetta Marzocca
The point of these articles is 'To highlight stories I think are important and engaging and to put forward my own opinions on any subject taken, with links to the original articles.'
I'll start with this, from last weeks events: 


Europe - Turkey:

Europe - Scotland :

Europe - Brexit: 

You can go to watch all about this  HERE   (Just click)

A subject which is, to say the least, ridiculous and confusing. The British, particularly at Westminster, have simply no idea what they are doing, or of how to do it.
An advisory Referendum is taken as a mandatory one.
Millions were not even allowed to vote because, like me, they lived outside the UK for too long!
Now we can all, it seems, stand by and watch while a band of egoistical politicians do their worst for their country.

France - Political News:

A country I love, just full of one scandal following another.
Be it LePen, or any of the others, simply impossible to know who the French should vote for.
In not even 2 months time they have to!

Just in case you don't know the French System, here it is:

Germany seems to be relatively calm for now in this crazy world, Angela Merkel is currently the most honest and intelligent politician - Worldwide.
I hope it stays so!

Here is the German System explained:

This article could go on forever, but I can't!
North Korea, China, ............etc, etc, etc......

Just a final word......

Image result for chances of global nuclear war
The big bang!
I'm 70+ years of age.......others aren't!

More next time - if I'm alive!

Ian Watson Mitchell - your author.

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