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Saturday, April 01, 2017

Nero fiddled Syndrome......

Image result for Nero fiddled
not quite fiddling!
You all have heard this quote - 'Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned'.....
Well, I have a theory which brings it 'bang up to date'.....
Since last year, when I heard the name/word 'Trump' in the sense of an American Politician, I've been looking for some kind of explication of his phenomenon, and I think I've found it.
Image result for Trump fiddled  In the beginning, over a couple of glasses of Scotch whisky, in the bar of his own personal Scottish golf club, talk got around to Politics, rather like poor people talk about winning the Lotto or the Pools.
What would you do if........?

Mr Trump, a declared Bankrupt on 5 occasions, took his time, and finally said....

'If I became President of The United States of America, I would have a ball of a time, so long as they let me!'

He continued, at length, to say that these 'damned politicians were all WEAK THINGS, with no intelligence.' 

They required a good shake up.......

Time went bye and - finding himself with a spare moment, he said, 'OK - let's do that! Let's 'shake 'em up'....., and maybe even go out with a bang! it went .........First you need a catchy slogan...Image result for trump campaign... got it!

Image result for trump campaign backers
Can we play too?
Then you need backers, financial ones....offset against taxes, of course.....and it doesn't matter where they come from, what country they come from, what Religion, colour, creed, gender or whatever they long as they didn't want paying back!
So what if a couple of Russians sneaked in there, so long as they spoke American English...!
Well, they were all found, and all payed up!
Image result for Happy Donald Trump
everybody loves me
Donald was a happy camper....    

Surely, it was hard work, travelling all over, fully secured, best places, lots of people who wanted to talk to him, eat with him - even payed him to give speeches at functions - and so on....
My - thought Donald - these people LOVE me.....let's enjoy!
Then, one day, he woke up to a call asking him to keep time free for the National TV 'Presidential Debate'....
Actually, he had played with the idea of having an attractive, but qualified female for the job,  as his second -in - command, but things had worked out differently!
Image result for Trump fiddled

  Never mind, thought Donald, my guys will find some stuff about her, and we'll be okey dokey....
And so time went bye....enjoyable being loved by nearly all and sundry, except (of course) those who liked the idea of a Female President, and THAT was going to be his planned second-in-command....Ironic, he thought, but sort of typical for his life. 
Nothing seemed to work out exactly as planned, was fun, and made money!
In any case, he thought, whoever became President would make some records....following up on the first Black President with either the first female gendered 'Presidentresse', or the first TV Star President.
All that counted was to have some fun and make some money....Kick up mayhem and then say 'Adieu, Goodbye....!'
Image result for Donald Trump playing Golf
give me a break....
That would make these Politicians wake up as he had suggested in his golf club bar in Scotland......all those years ago!

Well, Donald thought, even if it doesn't get that far, it's been enjoyable up till now.


Image result for Donald Trump - President ...Image result for Donald Trump - President..Image result for Donald Trump - President

All everybody is waiting for now, is that he - as promised - says 
'Adieu, Goodbye' - 
but up till now - it's fun!

That is the Trump Syndrome......

Image result for The Trump Syndrome
American's - please think about your system.........

March 2017.


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