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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Running out of power!

Pen 2 Just received a comment on the latest posting from someone called "gas-o-leane" or something similar. Glad he/she isn't called "rotten sardines" because all I can smell at the moment is Gas/Petrol/Diesel/Gasoil etc.
Maybe he/she will be back in touch later with a aerosol!
Sorry - I can't (and wouldn't) support the budding author financially anyway - Have a look - scroll down and click on the first posting marked "1 comment" and wait!!


Gas-o-leana said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh please help me before you die. I just want your perspective on what my screen play needs? If all that stuff dies with you, do you mean there will be none left in teh world? You are very interesting, contribute anything and it will be grealy appreciated. Since your not coming back to this earth i'm sure teh next place you go will be paradise.

mr le marquis said...

Dear Gasoline!
Please note the following points:
a) The word "the" is spelt in exactly that way, and not "teh"-A hopeful author must be informed of the fact!
b) I do NOT normally reply to anonymous anythings, phone calls where the number is hidden, comments on blog-spots (apart from comments made by REAL anonymous people- that means people who do NOT, themselves, have a Blog-spot)
The same thing applies to MSN Groups, or any other establishment of which I am a member, which gives everybody the chance to fill in their own profile. Blogger gives you this chance, you have chosen NOT to use it, and I choose, therefore, NOT to communicate with you again, until such time as you have put something onto your profile.
As a budding poet/writer/author or god knows what, there are a couple of things I would like to pass on to you.
If my friend Will (Shakespeare, of course),had not done a little publicity, in his time (helped along by myself), centuries of Schoolboys/girls would not have been bothered by his poesie, but nobody would have heard of Romeo or Juliette either. Had he stayed anonymous, in your fashion, he would never have been known.
So far as your comments regarding my beliefs are concerned, I allow you have and to keep your own beliefs, wrong though they are. Please reflect on this fact:
In your belief, there are two possibles: Up or Down, (refer to the latest posting in my Blogspot)Hell or Heaven, God or Devil,Paradise or otherwise.
Tell me, how do YOU know that you are not already in YOUR paradise - or in your Hell?
People are the same all over, and I presume they would continue to be so, in what YOU call "Paradise" or in what YOU call "HELL" - so how do YOU know where the hell you are?!!!!!
If you are already in your heaven, I would recommend a very quick change of beliefs/religion, and I would suggest a stop to the indiscriminate murdering of flies, mosquitoes and other insects whose souls will be waiting to punish you in your "after-life".
I don't have an "after-life" you see, I am in the company of my peers, in eternity.
You would be allowed to follow me, but it would take firstly an acceptance of certain values, and then the already quoted 7 lifes, successfully negociated (not easy, believe me) on your part.
I doubt that you will have the time, since climate,arms/weapons, and simple stupidity from "powerful" nations, will surely put an end to this - your planet - in the short time to come! What was said? "NOT with a bang, BUT a whimper!!
iwmPOP, Marquis du Galipot, France.