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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer wine - maybe the last of!

Melting French Wine Bread And Cheese I was just starting into filling my bottles of wine for July/August, when I suddenly thought: "careful - these are probably some of the bottles which will be shared by Chippie/Tinkerbelle/Wackybacky and wife/ Britbulldog - troyan and wife as well as others - so take care!
Be warned - Holidays are almost upon you, and we are just entering into our 5th week of unsupportable heat wave - 39C day and what is worst around 32C night!!
When it finally collapses, Chippie and Tinkerbelle will enjoy themselves (as usual) bailing out the caravan and everything else. I just hope you have all been able to sleep a little up till then.
I am, personally, knackered!
I don't want to spoil your fun, but I hope it throws it down ALL July and Agust and September, with temperatures of around 25c - That would be GREAT!!
I'm going to try and copy/cut/paste this one from Blogger, to send individually, since there are certain of you who never look into or into (useless buggers!).
Those of you who NEVER have looked in will, possibly, be thrown at first by the above "aliases" but if you think about them - they are obvious!

and see you later, maybe!

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