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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Floods(inondations) 2005 part II

So we (me and the cat) were sitting in bed, listening to reports on the radio from the Herault, Montpellier area. No TV (except roof antenna stuff - which ignored completely everything that happened outside Paris) wondering what time the storm would arrive at our village!

We didn't have to wait long. The cat informed me by leaping into her secret hideaway, just before the first lightning stroke, and the deluge commenced. The night was passed more in dozing than sleeping, but one gets used to everything with time, so it around 9am it took a particularly loud thunderclap to wake me.

First thoughts - have I still got electricity? Yes, looks like it. Have I got any leaks after some 10 hours of non-stop deluge? No - doesn't seem to be the case (a wonder).

Second thoughts - Shall I get up? Is it worth it? According to the Radio, all the roads are closed, motorways down to the minor roads, no trains, no buses, no taxis, no Helicopters - nothing!

The local government is insisting that employers close down early to allow employees to get home before the REAL deluge starts at around 6pm. (I ask myself REAL deluge? What the hell is this at the moment then?) Of course, the only employees who could and did profit from this demand, where as usual, the Post/local government/ and other semi-official employees! They went home immediately, and didn't come back until it was all finished, 3 days later!

They are also insisting, on the one hand, that parents come and get their kids from the schools,colleges,creches etc immediately, but on the other hand if they can't - don't worry, your kids will be kept in safety overnight, if necessary!

Finally some 10,000 people were emergency over-nighted in the area. I suspect that a good number of parents passed an enjoyable evening and night knowing the kids away and safe! Some few hundreds were sleeping down in railway stations, in train compartments (ok if you've reserved a sleeper!) in bus stations, school halls, no trams at Montpellier, but the carriages usable to sleep in!

Water warnings were given out on the Radio, my area is not concerned as yet, at least we weren't mentioned, "DON'T DRINK THE WATER", it's not good. It never has been, that's why we have wine! On the other hand, the same thing happens as the last time. Free bottled mineral water is given out, and certain individuals do a tour ofall the "give-away points" and collect for a familly of 5 (although they are only 2 or 3). That way they collect enough FREE for the year! They don't even seem to think there is something wrong with this attitude! In view of the New Orleans situation, I ask myself whether this is not simply another, more refined, form of LOOTING?

All day Tuesday it carried on - lightning and enormous quantities of water coming down, sometimes across! We are all cut off the Department from the rest of the country, and the towns and villages from each other! I was all right really, I had food, drink, TV and Radio, electricity, and somewhere or other A CAT!! She most certainly wouldn't have gone outside, too intelligent and with such an intense dislike of water, storms, thunder and lightning. I decided to the same as her, and I dozed and catnapped all day!

Woe oh woe - my PC screen (monitor) has taken a bang of lightning! KAPUTT! The TV Screens are ok, just the PC one. Makes life a little difficult and blind! In the end I managed to borrow/steal/buy a smaller one from the neighbour, but when I saw the local shop, with a flat screen offer, 250euros for an ultra flat screen, wonderful picture and I looke very closely, and was very tempted. Now I've started saving up my pennies!!

So - to recapitulate, I'm sitting in the bedroom, no cat, no pc screen, rain pounding down, lightning flashing non-stop, thunder rolling around without halt. It is Tuesday evening, no better weather announced for tomorrow, I'm off to bed to sleep!

And right now, I'm off to prepare my Sunday lunch. I haven't got wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, girlfriend, boyfriend, or other to do it for me, so you'll all just have to wait for Part III later on!! Snorkel Rain Cloud Rainy Thunder Thunderstorms

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