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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Unscrupulous Mail servers

Over the past year, I have continually had periods of "problematics" with my mate Chippie and his unscrupulous mail server, who seem to want to take over from him, and censore his incoming mail.

This time, it is a beauty. I won't name the mail server concerned - AOL,Club Internet,Virgin,Tele2,Lycros etc..etc.., because they are all probably the same, and there is just the possibility that it is my mate Chippies fault (he is infallible, so I wouldn't dream to think that seriously).

Anyway, I've tried 5 DIFFERENT accounts to pass a little message through to him, and they all come back saying "permanent failure at ------------ address".

Has Chippie moved? Has Chippie disappeared? Has Chippie fallen out of love with your's truly? Or has Chippie opened that Pandora's box, in all your "C-disc" files marked "unwise"?

OR - has Chippie been the victim of an unscrupulous mail server who will take over the world - if you let it?

This time this particular mail server informed me that it didn't like "an URL" sent by me, which had been objected to (didn't say who had objected) and therefore the whole message was returned lump and bundle! It also told me (5 times) that if I didn't like this decision, I could click on the link given, and take up the discussion -"to resolve the problem"- with the server concerned.

Ever the defender of Justice, I clicked! I got a window asking/demanding me to type in the problem!

My letter (which seems to have been delivered, but not answered in the last 48 hours) was short and to the point. "EXPLAIN YOURSELF" - said I, and continued with:

"I beleived censorship, in Europe, to have gone out with Nazism and Communism, and I hope the fate of these two systems will await you as well".

Maybe it was this message that led to the fact that I am still waiting for the dialogue promised. Of course, I could say that maybe my last article had given umbrage, but that may give too much of a clue as to the origin of the server concerned!

I will content myself by saying that it is troubling, and disconcerting, to think that a server, wherever, can possibly decide what is right, and what is wrong, for anyone!

So, be careful, or they will take over the world if you let them!!

For the moment, therefore, the pages of this Blogspot are the only way I can contact my mate Chippie, and only then when he branches in, on Bathnight!!

T-Rex 2 It's Over 1 Is it really?

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