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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

MANNA- Heavenly stuff!

Having had many conversations with all the experts in these past few weeks, I would like to share, with you, some pious thoughts about the heavenly manna. Personally I would have prefered banknotes to float down from the sky, instead of chunks of white bread, but I don't think they existed at the time.
Even had they existed, they would have been, like the manna and most of the other things we eat, not a heavenly gift, but a poisonous one. Imagine, your good lord actually sent or created things to hurt and maim and sometimes even kill us!Can that be possible, I hear you cry!
Well, I'm going to take myself as an example. If I beleive the experts, I mustn't eat much, or indeed any of the following, at pain of a possible, nay - probable death accelerated:
Potatoes, Pastas, Wine, Beer, Rice, Sago, Tobacco, sugar, sweeteners, strong coffee, strong tea, more than half a litre of milk, puddings, desserts, fatty meats, lean meats, any oil other than colza or olive, butter, crisps, peanuts, and a multitude of others.
Harvest hymn, do you remember? "All good things around us, were sent by etc...etc..."
Well - stuff your manna, I'm gonna' eat what I want, and my 4 score years and ten can go a-floatin'!

Which ones do you prefer from these beauties?

Fat Man 2Scrawny Fat Woman 4

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