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Friday, December 09, 2005

Health Systems that make you ill!

Just to tie up all the loose ends (and there are a lot) in my mind, I thought I would bore you with a few facts I have come across during my voyages into the depths of the current European social system which is responsible for me.
Apart from Chippie, Tinkerbelle,British Bulldog,Wacky-backy and all the rest, I am supported by two systems, German and French.
Germany for my Pensions, and France for my health and social matters.
In the former, they seem to take a great delight in retarding every December the payment of my pensions, and in the latter - well, I'm still finding out!
Up until May of this year, I was the proud possessor of one of those famous "top-up" or Mutuelle private health policies. Expensive, and at the end of the day of no real use, since they paid a maximum of 300% on top of what was paid for by the National system. This meant that for Dental work (the best example) when the bill was for 1,000euros (a "normal" amount for these bandits) the National system repaid 125euros, the mutuelle paid 300% on top, therefore 375euros, a total of 500euros, leaving me to find 500euros! An impossible task.
I was, therefore not able to use the mutuelle or the National systems, and was paying a lot for nothing! A mutuelle who pays more than 300% does not exist!
OK - thinks me! I can always use it in the case of Hospital treatment etc - No way!
Since I have now been accepted as a case of "taken in charge at 100%" by the national system, I pay nothing, and have therefore no need of the Mutuelle! Great for them!
I later found out that I could, in fact, have received an "assistance financial" to pay the Mutuelle, from the National system, but of course, they don't tell you that!
Result? No Mutuelle since May 2005! It would have paid for my medecines and my Flu jab, and that's all! Now I am allowed all these things free of charge! Too late for those items I have already paid in this year!
Next thing, no car, how does one move around and transport simple things like shopping?
Now they tell me I can have a free subscription to the local social "mini-bus" which takes all the old relics, like myself, to the Supermarkets, and transports the heavy stuff, and me, back to my front door! Why didn't they tell me that 6 months ago?
Taken in charge at 100%, great, but they didn't tell me that I had to demand, from my Doctor, a "transport" chitty, free of charge, and allowing me to avoid the extremely stressfull voyages made in what is euphemistically called "public transport", which is rare, expensive, crowded with kids going to and from School and college, and allows (or rather forces) you to walk for miles in the city of Nimes (no buses or trains go anywhere near the Hospitals) and allows you to drag your heels in the streets of Nimes for up to 4 hours BEFORE your appointment, and (if there is a bus/train at all) for another 3-4 hours AFTER your appointment is finished!
Repaid - yes, but I'm still waiting to see the colour from my last voyage in October!
That is finished, now my Doctor gives me a free chitty, and a sort of car/ambulance will come and pick me up home to home! They don't tell you that of course, and the Doctor doesn't think to mention it either, you have to suggest that the travel risks to give you the final "coup-de-grace"and even threaten to NOT go to your appointment!
The State pays enormous amounts, mainly wasted, for little old ladies to travel 500 meters to the local doctor, passing by the local supermarket, and then complains that the citizen is wasting too much!
I don't know what the situation is in other EU countries, but I suspect just as stupid and wasteful!
When I went to my last Examination Centre, I had NEVER seen so many women (nurses, doctors, physios, etc) and only women, wandering around with papers in their hands, dressed up to the nines in their sexy uniforms, but didn't actually seem to DO anything!
The fact that there were more of them than patients waiting, didn't seem to speed up the system at all. The moral seems to be - if the patient doesn't have to wait, he won't appreciate!
On top of that, all the examinations they did were of little or no use, and will now all have to be redone under hospitalized surroundings! What a wastage - of my time, their time, and State money!
Nowadays, I wish I had taken up Politics rather than other things, I would have made a GREAT Napoleon!
That was a great complaint, and now I feel better! No - I'll still keep my 100% status, they will have problems to get me to give that up now!

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