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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Last of the Politiciens (for this week!)

This Blogspot is not political in any form, and it is rare that political items find their way into its pages, but this week seems to have been an exception. Mind you, there has been enough subject matter, with the President of the Region being referred to the Criminal Courts for racism (amongst other things) the Prime Minister refusing to accept his mistakes towards his citizens, and through simple “false pride” refusing to adjust/correct the situation

Well, it is amazing how often the simple fact of giving enough rope to any politician is sufficient to rid oneself of him and his ideas.
I doubt not that Villepin will slowly disappear from the scene, now that his real personage has been exposed. Mr Chirac, who is on his last term anyway, isn’t really too bothered, other Socialists are happily putting their feet into the muck all over the country, and finally the Socialists will go, replaced by the others, who will-in their turn- make the same mistakes and go as well!
The “follow-me-and-my-ideas” theory died, I think, with Hitler and the National Socialists, but modern day politicians don’t seem to have appreciated that the citizen now THINKS more about what he is following, where he is following it to, and why. The citizen has learnt his lesson from History, why hasn’t the Politician done the same?
It seems that the only way to have a sort of “harmony” in Politics nowadays, is to have a “large coalition” as is the case in Germany at the moment.
You see – with a large coalition, NOTHING gets done, everybody is friendly and kind to every body else, very unpolitical-like, and everybody is just waiting for that event which they know will come, which will explode the whole thing, and then the knives can be extracted. The period of waiting just gives enough time to sharpen the blades.
Such is political life, and most of us want nothing to do with it, but that would be giving the thieves and bandits free run of the chicken coop!
To finish (for me) the subject, I will be publishing the accounts of Mr Georges Freche, megalomaniac, and President of Languedoc-Roussillon (and almost President of Septimanie), and Mr Villepin, who one hopes will shortly be the “ex” Prime Minister of France!

(Photo: G.Freche).

1 comment:

sybariter said...

Well, Freche may be a megalomaniac, but such people do get things done :-) He seems to have turned Montpellier from a sleepy little southern city into the place where, apparently, about 60% + of French would like to live if they could. I agree with them and was planning to move there. But I had such a good time in Paris over xmas that I'm thinking of renting there at least for a few months to see how it goes. But I need more sun than we get in London and want somewhere lively but without long commutes to get from one side of the city to another and with lots of beautiful squares with lots of cafes. I checked out Toulouse last Sept. and it just didn't compare - they need a magalomaniac to introduce pedestrian areas, etc.

I wish I had your confidence in most citizens' ability to think for themselves. Fewer people tend to vote or take a serious interest in politics these daysthese days. Most Brits, for example, supported the attack on Iraq - just a bit of thinking would have indicated that that was likely to become the disaster it now is.