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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pure Ignorance.

Sitting at home yesterday, watching the pictures from Paris and other major French cities/towns, it became very obvious, very quickly, that this was simply another example of the pure ignorance of politicians, the higher placed, the more ignorant, towards the normal life of the normal citizen.
Really what the Politician is saying, in his helpless way, is that he has no idea what the normal citizen thinks, how he lives, what he does, and - even worse - he is effectively saying that he doesn't give a toss either!
So long as the little "X" is marked on the ballot paper, in the right box, what politician cares?
From time to time, every politician thinks to himself - I haven't been heard from, in the press or TV, for a while, "Let's pass a law!"- and ideas will be searched for!
This particular law would appear to be as good a stitching up of the voting public (and those who haven't reached that age yet) as has ever been thought of, with the possible exception of the various forms of Communism which were presented at it's hayday!
Under this law, anybody can employ anybody else, for any reason, and up until the 2 year anniversary can fire him as well, for any (or no) reason!
There are many laws which protect employees, but the vast majority will be put aside, as "not applicable" in view of the new law. Wonderful for employers, who can (and will) propose a hiring and firing every 2 years on a regular basis. This means that wage increases (on the basis of seniority) will not exist, since seniority is not considered under the new law. The maximum time anyone can be "in seniority" is 2 years! Further educational/promotional course within the Company will be none-existant, since the employee is only employable for 2 years! Any wage increase demand can (and probably will) be terminated by a termination of the contract!
What politicians think to be "cunning" is also the fact that certain periods of employment, in certain types of employment contracts do not count towards the increase or indeed payment of any unemployment benefit! Nor do they count for holiday payments, nor for bonuses such as Christmas/holiday payments etc.
The deductions made forcibly for pensions and health insurances are accepted by Government as being in force, but don't try being ill for a long time on your 2 year contract, 'cos you'll be fired, and then your pension and sickness payments will take a dive!
Basically it is highly placed politicians saying that they like the idea of all this, it saves money, saves time, and should produce more jobs.
They are saying, simply, that they don't know anything at all about their citizens.
Strangely, the period of legislation (and therefore of an MP's or Government Representative's employed life) has NOT been reduced to 2 years. This would have been too good a thing for the citizen, and what politician passes laws to sack himself half way through?
This applies to ALL politicians world-wide, who are only second to Dentist's as the world's leading Gangsters'!
They may all speak different languages, but the content is the same:
"Me first, the others never!"
Sometimes (never often enough) they get caught, and depending on the epoch, have their heads cut off, are pilloried, and other forms of vengeance are practiced. Generally, however, the average politician gets out of his mess with the slickness of a green eel, and turns up a short while later in an even more influential position!
He's learnt? Not at all, but neither has the citizen!


sybariter said...

Very well said. However I think you're a bit hard on all politicians; while being a bit cynical myself - and detesting Blair and his hangers-on - I don't think they are all monsters :-) Some, e.g. Tony Benn, are very honest, committed people. If they wanted money and power many could find it more easily elsewhere. But Villepin is obviously arrogant and out-of touch - decide first and consult later ! At least the French kids are seeing through it - and that it will lead to the American system which turns workers into virtual slaves with almost no rights and declining wages in real terms. You might be interested in Barbara Ehrenreich's blog entry on this (author of Nickel and Dimed, about her attempt to live in minimum wages):

Mar. 20th post


mr le marquis said...

Dear Sybariter,
Please see my reply, published on the main sheet of blogger. I have my own experiences of living (or trying to) from well UNDER the minimums, and this due to the dishonesty and non-respect of promises given by - You guessed it - A Government!
This time it was the German one!