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Sunday, November 25, 2007

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Editor’s note:

It’s extremely rare that I engage myself in any form of protest or righteous indignation campaign, but this TV report just was too much for even half way reasonable people to stomach, hence – this Article!


++The following article was written after seeing a report on German Television the 6th November 2007.

Since then, there have been a further reports on the French National TV News, that more than 400 cats have mysteriously disappeared in the Haute Savoie (Upper Savoy) area of France in the last few weeks.

Since this Region of France borders directly with Switzerland, the French Animal Protection Society (S.P.A) assumes that a link with the theft of and preparation/sale of cat furs on Swiss Territory is most probably involved with these feline disappearances. So – get involved as quickly as possible! Register your disgust with the Swiss authorities, and throw anything Swiss in your larder out of the window, and don’t buy anything coming from that disgusting country-at least until they have arranged these problems with animal meat and furs.**



Swiss Life – NOT the Insurance style!

(and not any other Style except disgusting!)

I have had dealings with the Swiss and their life style over many years.

The last Town in Germany that I lived in, with my wife, was a place called Lorrach, so close to the Swiss border that it considered itself a part of Basel, and indeed many of the Germans worked as “border-goers” in Switzerland, but lived in Germany.

The border to Basel, and therefore Switzerland, and therefore the rest of Europe and the World (Switzerland not being a member of the EC), was just 400 meters from our apartment, but rare were the occasions we actually went in the Land of Chocolate!

Prohibitive prices and Swiss mentality being the grounds.

(and France was just 2 kilometers in the other direction!)

In fact, it was very educative. We found out that the famous Swiss chocolate (at least one of the brand names) was actually made in Germany, in the town of Lorrach itself, and then made its famous way around the world!

This all surprised us, since all over the place it was marked “Swiss chocolate” – maybe we just read it all wrongly!

In any case, it certainly wasn’t unpleasant when they manufactured the stuff, at some point in the production line, some kind of procedure was used which expelled a very strong odor into the town, and for a day or two, it was like living in an enormous bowl of cocoa!

My/our other relations with the Swiss culture were limited to breakdowns of the car in Switzerland - always in Switzerland, and always on a Bank Holiday period!

That’s how we got to know the Swiss “personal” attitude to money.

A Swiss person is the only one in the world, capable of taking ANY form of currency, in coins, notes and probably even IOU’s, out of your pocket, and transforming it into usable currency – down to the last penny/cent/centime etc…

Swiss watches are known of as well, and Swiss cheeses, but this talent for totally emptying the coffers of any miserable stranded Tourist in their land, is the most remarkable trait I had ever seen-


Now the Swiss have gone way over the top!

It appears that there is a largish traffic in domestic animals (cats and dogs) for their skins/furs, and for their meat!

Disgusting as this may be, one accepted that these things could happen in places like China, where most of the stuff was, and still is, imported from. Illegal though it is to import this stuff into the EU, people still do it.

Why, I am at a loss to say – I’ve never knowingly seen a fur coat made out of cat or dog skins, and I’ve never, knowingly eaten cat or dog meat (although many say that “frozen” Chinese rabbit is actually cat – but I’ve counted the ribs, and they have the same number as rabbits) and in any case I would never buy anything, to wear or to eat, that had once covered the body of an animal, domestic or other.

NOT SO the Swiss!

No – it turns out that a thriving trade in the rearing and slaughtering of domestic animals goes on in that mountainous country – legally!

Some 10,000 animals, monthly, are so worked over and made to cash- legally! Legal at least in Switzerland!

Disgustingly uncivilized and revolting, this trade even goes as far as the theft of such animals, if the cat or dog ears are tattooed (as is the law in many countries) then the ears are simply cut off and not included in the skin, to avoid detection and possible prosecution.

Now – since it’s illegal to import these things into the EU, or into many other World countries, one could ask why the Swiss do it, and to whom they sell all these products. We’ve heard of the appearance of Dog meat on the menus in Restaurants in the Appenzellerland of Switzerland, maybe rabbit dishes are prepared with cat meat in Switzerland, but they can’t possibly account for all that is produced.

Every Swiss citizen would have to walk around in fur every-things, from underpants to knickers and gloves and shawls, just for a part of the production to be used!

No – Tests were made, and every parcel containing skins from the poor animals, sent via the Swiss postal Services to private addresses in France, had absolutely no problem in crossing the border, through the Customs, and no tracing and eventual criminal charging of people ever occurred!

What other things come into the EU in the same way?

Personally, I don’t give a damn if people wish to kill themselves with heroin, cocaine and all the rest, but leave the innocent animals out of it!

It appears that the Swiss Government is now to look at the situation, and suggest changes in the law!

Don’t think for a moment that they will be quick in so doing, and don’t believe for one moment that they will actually apply new laws as they should.

The Swiss see those meat and fur/skin products not as such. They see them as little piles of “$$$$$$$” just waiting to be harvested – legally or not!

That’s the Swiss mentality, and all I can do is write my protest, and refuse to buy anything “made in Switzerland” - and hope that you all do the same!

Even better, your signature on one of the petitions going around, or a call or letter to the Swiss Embassy in your country, explaining what you think, would be very helpful to these little ones!

(Swiss fur coat in the making, together with a “civet de Lapin)


(If you wish, you can send your comments or letters to the following address – I will ensure that they are delivered appropriately!)


Mr. le Marquis du Galipot (iwmpop)

For your pleasure! - Pour votre plaisir! - Fur Ihrer Unterhaltung!


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