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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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From: Embarrassed Scotsman!

For quite some time now, I've been a little bit embarrassed at the situation in UK. Although I have very little, or rather nothing, to do with the place, I would have to be blind and deaf not to notice the influence of certain people in all aspects

of daily life in that country of "green and pleasant land - England.

Seems that the English have now finally woken up to the fact that they are a part of the UK, and not vice-versa!


It seems they don't like it!

Lots of mutterings are going on about another one of the United Kingdoms' - A little place, that up till recently had to be content with being a sort of Englishman's Castle, a place where the Englishman could drain off all natural resources, and pour the results into his own coffers, and from there - down

the sink! A place where the natural inhabitants were considered to be "fair game" for anyone who wandered north of Carlisle!

Scotland - The Brave! Scotland of the "Gay Gordon’s" , home of Haggis and Robert Burns, of "wee timid wicked beasties" , of North Sea Oil (all gone now, apparently) -Scotland has been ripped awake, and by purely peaceful means, has got around to seeing it's own Parliament installed, with its own "President" - PM - Chairman, or what ever you wish to call it.

And this has got up the neighbour's nose!

Suddenly Scottish men and women and children are not obliged to obey laws and rules passed by people who live hundreds of miles away, and many of whom have never crossed the Border!

And they like it!

Suddenly the Scots are getting free medicines which the English have to pay for, and other treatments for "free" which the English grudgingly pay up for!

Worst of all, for the English, is the fact that wherever they look in their "green and pleasant" land, all they can see - in charge, and running their place, and every other place, are indeed SCOTSMEN and SCOTSWOMEN!

I understand that the ex-PM, Tony Blair, was of Scottish origins, and I'm not even going to start making a list of Scots people in England or UK who are household names,

worldwide, in all aspects of public life.

This is a "notebook" article, and "notebook" wouldn't be large enough to take it all!

I do, however, have a suggestion to make to the envious English (and knowing them as I do, they won't like that one little bit) - Why not do the same?

You could have Brucie Forthsythe as PM (if you'd started earlier, you could even have had Ken Dodd, or Jimmy Saville) or you could simply name the Queen as PM, or one of the Princes.

They must have enough clout to get things rolling!

(Hang on - they've all got Scottish blood, haven't they?)

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to find somebody of English blood!

Only problem may be, of course, finding enough qualified people of English blood to run all the necessary things, like Health Services, London Transport, Waste bin emptiers etc.,

You know - all those jobs no English person in their right minds would ever consider doing!

On the whole, I think I'll just stay here, at least until I need a free room in a Nursing Home – in Scotland!

(I'm sure there are many of you, who will read this, and say - He needs that room RIGHT NOW - Maybe, but MINE will be at least FREE OF CHARGE!)

30600, Vauvert, France. October 2007.


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