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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There are a lot of things that one do...

There are a lot of things that one doesn't know, after all one can't know everything, I mean - I'm still trying to find out how to type the symbol "@" with this new fangled keyboard that shows 4 possibilities on 1 key!  I can't figure it out, but "@" is rather important after all!

On top of all that, I can't figure out just how long this battery will actually work,

Mind you, I can't figure out how to get the same thing to go on the "wireless" to surf, and it doesn't look like I'm going to learn very quickly either....unless someone out there has the answers - in which case, let me know....!
Seems to me that just as quickly one learns one thing, a dozen new ones' come up!
When does the learning period finish, and the fun period start?
When will I be able to publish this warning message truthfully.........?

Sure - having 2 if not 3 different systems (Windows/Linux/pocket PC core systems) doesn't make things any easier, but Jeez......a simple thing like "@" should be one of the easiest things to find or type, and on the "qwerty" keyboards - it is!
Once you leave them, and pass over to the French keyboard system "azerty" you realise why the French don't send too many e-mails, apart from their natural ignorance of communication - the troubles you have to get hold of a "@" or the various accents requred to be strictly correct are awesome and extremely off-putting!

You've got to have hands like monster claws as well - if you want to get anywhere near to doing it right,

and, quite frankly, I always use my normal "qwerty" English/US keyboard! I've found out that with Firefox and Chrome as browsers, I can arrange a system of spelling correction, where I type - they correct and put little red lines under words they think I should change - I look at their proposals, and either change or don't  - just like a big boy!
Actually, the majority of red underlined words relate only to the absence of an accent, like here:
Deja (French=Déjà)  - but I don't have to change it, if I want to be stubborn and independant!
You see - this system avoids my being attacked by atrocious cramps, or using my tongue to hold down one key, whilst squinting from close range at the other keys I SHOULD press to get a simple French accent.....!
Complicated bug....s sometimes - the French.....!
Mind you - this system is also rather good for the self-esteem and moral, because the fewer little red lines, the better your French must be! Except - I only need it for the accents, so, at this moment, my screen is covered in red lines - because I'm typing English, and the system is trying to tell me that these are words that require correcting for application as an acceptable French word!
Stupid thing! Of course I know most of these words are not French, that's why I'm typing them in English - so you can all understand them - PC Logic, I suppose!
Here are a few examples of suggestions to replace English words in a French context - in other words, they were suggested by the system -  some are quite amusing:
Understand = Underground or Thunderbird (Don't know why the latter!)

Why  = whig, whiskey,            -        French   =  Franchi,  Renchéri             -          English  = englouti, Englacée
Should = Shogun, shoot, short

I could go on - but I think you've got the idea.....?
And I stayed reserved and only used "clean" words - French or English!

So there you are, just a little article about the problems of trying to write constructively in different languages!
I suppose I could always pick up the

quill and feather, I'd get it done right, but it would take me a few years....and risks being a bit painful!

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