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Monday, April 19, 2010

Old articles but in the news...!(2)Cars & things

Questions..? Don't ask me!
Mr. le Marquis du Galipot      (iwmpop)
For your pleasure!   -    Pour votre plaisir!     -    Fur Ihrer Unterhaltung!
Automobiles! GOOD AND BAD NEWS! – First the “Good News”:
Battery powered!
I just saw a report about something adorable for about 99% of all car Drivers, a new, fully automated system of parking in that parking place that's too small for mortals to succeed!
The thing takes over, on the press of a button, you don't touch anything, and it parks itself! In the report I saw, it didn't touch anything apart from the free space!
Same system is used/usable when you can't get your 2nd car into the Garage, AND open the doors to get out!  You just line the car up in front of the garage door, get out, walk to the back of the car, and press the remote control button!
It does it all by itself! Amazing, but what happens if you're still INSIDE the car - can it go into reverse?
A ladies (but also a Gentleman's) dream! What are they going to test new licence aspirants on now?
Of course - there is just one little drawback - the system seems to be available only for certain vehicles, like BMW, Mercedes and the like!
Shortly they will bring out an internal cleaning system - fully automated of course-to clean the seats, empty the ashtrays (my neighbour could do with one of these systems, both in her "car" and at home) and the like.
Probably a jump from there to an automatic outside car washing system, which, on the press of a button, will foam wash your vehicle, probably as you're hurtling down the motorway at 100mph!
One way to cover up your tracks from the traffic cops!

(Did you see where he went, Dave?)

BIG CARS – LITTLE CARS! “Bad News”. (Or my form of mobility - see photo)


I never thought about it before, but all those handy little guys who run "independent" Garages are having a tough time!
Since the arrival of Car Computers (to analyse where the problem is, and the performance) they are going out of business!
The big boys (that means ALL car producers) don't put updates on line, so the little boys can't update the details! This means, in turn, that they have to check
the whole thing through, presumably with the description of the problem from the client (just like in the bad old days) . This apparently takes them hours longer, and costs the client much more!
On the other hand, the little guy only charges 25% of what the big boys charge - hourly!
Of course, the big boys have an offer prepared - the little guys can BUY a sort of subscription which will be updated immediately. The price roughly (it's different depending on the make of the car) starts around 3,000 Euros!
All this, it seems, is contrary to European Laws, but the big boys, as usual, don't care.
They are always above such silly things like laws!
My simple question is - what happens if I'm handy at mechanics and stuff, and I want to repair my car myself? Do I still have to buy their subscription? Just to work on my own car?
There are other examples of big business arrogance, in almost every aspect of modern living, and it seems that the only way to avoid them is to become - like me ..........a hermit!

You're welcome!

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