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Monday, June 28, 2010

Just what I think.(1st part)

I'm not going to go on about it, but I AM going to finally say what I've thought for years, but due to politeness and sometimes circumstances judged better NOT to say!
Not just in Football or in Sport generally, but in almost every walk of life, I have found the British, the English in particular, extremely irritating.
World wide, they are the only thing that counts (they say) - their language should be the only one anybody - but everybody - should speak, and of course, the whole world should drive on the wrong side of the road - like themselves!
Apart from the situation in Sport, very "actual" at the moment, they still continue to attack other Nations as "spicks", banana republics, invoking historical quotes - mainly racist ones, to "prove" their point!
Sport is important, both as a financial element in a country's budget, but also as an indicator of that country's mentality.
It wasn't the German newspapers and other publications who trotted out all sorts of insulting "headlines" recently, all with something or other to do with "Krauts" - "Huns" - "ancient and current enemy"....and worse.
They are the most over indebted people in the world, but somehow keep on about how thankful they are not to be in the Euro system together with "Huns", "Spicks" - lazy Greeks and foul Italians!
I wonder if they are aware of how much the Europeans are relieved that they are NOT a part!
They participate in things like "G8" and give themselves the false impression that they are "someone" in International affairs!

Surely they can see disaster approaching?

Certainly, the Politicians are happy to do that, it makes their job easier, after all, the population is kept happy, "bacon butties" (bacon from Denmark, butter from Denmark or Ireland or New Zealand, covered in HP brown sauce - made in Holland) are still the staple diet, not just for breakfast!
Personally, this country has never done anything for me, and now - never will!
They are estranged from reality, and hanker on about "our special relationship" with the USA!
Yes - it is very special, sort of master and slave.
They sing, loudly and out of tune, "God save the Queen" and are permanently critical of their Royal Family. Maybe they should add a couple of words to the hymn, making it "God save the Queen - from US!"
Abroad, outside of Paradise, they are either "snobs" and do not attempt the minimum of contact with the locals, or they are simply insecure, and consume quantities of alcohol which they cannot afford back home in Paradise, and become "unrequired"!
All in all, they are a rectal pain, often, and when I watch (as I often do) their TV News reports, I can only shake my head and ask where they get their details from.
Of course, the details are the same, but are simply interpretations done by "Editors" to "keep the home fires burning"!
Very little of the reports even remotely approach the truth, and journalism becomes a farce.
I recall something called "The Beeb" - reputedly always told the truth, but frankly, I now kind of doubt that - but then, it was wartime, and propaganda -  acceptable.
I have the feeling that none of her Majesty's subject is aware of anything remotely approaching the truth, and even worse - they don't care!
Part II will come - when I've judged your reactions - and if I'm still alive!

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