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Monday, June 21, 2010

Told you so....!

About a week ago, I published my opinion about the French National Football team here on this blog.
I told you so...Don't forget - you read it first right here!
Now - here is my follow up, after the latest developements.
I have a problem with this situation:
Whilst he was saying all this, in a convincing manner for some, he must have been aware of what was to come, because when the Players "striked", that same afternoon, it turned outthat their "deslaration" had been stenographed, therefore prepared, typed and printed in advance.
One must assume therefore that Ribery was aware of the situation.
In that case he was lying - to the General Public, to the Press to the Organizers and to himself!
ATéléfoot: Intervention de Ribery (1)
FOOTBALL - Téléfoot: Intervention de Ribery (1)
Now - that doesn't surprise me in the least, but what does surprise me is that he obviously believed nobody would notice!
He probably thinks nobody will notice that even if they go home this week, which is most likely, they will still share the paltry sum of 5 million Euros! These pampered heros find that uninteresting, no doubt, just a drop in an unending ocean, where money means little there is so much of it. If there are 23 players (I believe that to be the case) in a squad, then what is a paltry 100,000 euros or so each?
No comment needed!
 I've ruminated about this article for a while, and I think the image below say's it all for me....I couldn't really care less, and in any case I've forgotten what
I was saying.....Has advantages getting older - you don't have to put up much longer with all the garbage going on around you!

It'll pay for the wife's or girlfriend's next shopping spree, or in Ribery's case for the next visit to a  "closed house"!
Personally, I don't care if they win or lose, it's just the fraudulouse statement that they are "entertainers" or "artists" that annoys me.
 I'm not keen on being lied to either, like most people. Maybe Society will work out the correct punishment, although I doubt it.

Hands will be washed to profess innocence and non-guilt, and things will carry on.....
I hear that a well known French politician has commented that the whole episode is just another tangible proof of something prevalent in French society (I add - in many others as well) - "Clannism". If you're NOT in a "Clan" don't bother!
I see it, hear it, watch it in practice - day daily - right here in my little village! I'm afraid these events will change nothing!
In a country where the word "piston" (meaning someone you know who has the power and influence to get you the job you want, or the loan you want etc.) is in daily use, what possibilities exist if you haven't got a "piston"?
As I write, I understand the English are now having problems as well........
Gay life - ain't it.....!

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