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Monday, August 09, 2010

It's not quite like that....!

Sometimes, when I'm asked where I live, I notice a slight air of "mis-belief"
"Southern France", I say, and I can see the immediate effect- either this guy's got "brass" - "scudos"  or he's lying!
Well, actually - neither! I live here - far from the madding crowd of Tourists, although the Meditteranean is only 10 miles away, or so, and Tourists, mainly lost, do pass through!
Yes - I live in the South of France, but I have little to do with the typical tourist occupations!

My life is more that of the typical pensioner who has to live SOMEWHERE, and park benches are quite all right, by me!

And - yes, there are some traditions which are agreeable, because they're not only traditions, but can be seen day in, day out!

On the other hand, I don't have the luxurious villa with at least 2 swimming pools, tennis courts, private golf course and so on....And - I don't want them either!
They're for Tourists!
Since you have to live somewhere, why not choose the South of France instead of Grimsby....?
At least the heating costs are less, although nowadays the Air-Conditioning is taking over, and Summers become as expensive as Winters for the reverse - Cool down instead of warm up!
People always seem to assume Richness with the South of France, and it is exactly the same as elsewhere.
There is EXCESSIVE richness, but also EXCESSIVE poverty. Nothing is spared, except the perpetual 40 days and 40 nights of dripping rain!
(I only see a beach once a year, and not every year either!)
Many people, particularly younger ones, with little or no income, decide to try their luck here. Who knows, maybe they'll be lucky and stumble over THE job they look for - little or no work, big salary - Beaches all day, daily! 
It doesn't happen often, and I'm glad to have my permanent small Pension, thanks to the German authorities. If I hoped for things from the British Government, I could hope in extreme vain, in spite of my history of serving "Her Royal and Gracious Majesty" for years, so that other people in their own little corners of a far flung land could advance in their jobs, and finally have their little 2 up and 2 down - or more, protected of course, by their serving military, who they consider as "idiots" and "dispensible" - once they've done their job! That's probably why I have so little to do with such people - anywhere - even including my own family, in their own little worlds.
This is the type of "home" people associate with me. Actually, there are only tourists who have such things....!
 Not that it really matters, my own "little world" is rented, I've no problems of heritages - I haven't got anything, apart from the capabilities to speak a number of languages, and to do so on a daily basis, not simply English with different accents. I even know many, many "little" people, in their "little" worlds who mock all other languages but their own. Of course they do - they don't understand them, and with all the true arrogance of true Tourists, they let go such phrases as "Why the hell don't they speak English?" - or - "France is lovely, shame it's full of French people!"
Oh - hell - I'll leave them in their little worlds.......I'm off to the my boat!
Boat was mine - the Sea is public.....!(in the background the village of Meze, Herault.- with something on fire!)
Have a nice summer........!

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